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A list of regional user groups, mailing lists, forums and wikis. Please contact us for resources that should be added.

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BSD groups

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NetBSD groups

Bulgarian NetBSD User Group

The Bulgarian NetBSD User Group is -- not very surprisingly -- a User Group for NetBSD Users in Bulgaria.


NetBSDfr is a web site designed for French speaking people. The purpose is to gather and share information about NetBSD : translated or original documents. You can join us and visit our web site at

Japan NetBSD Users' Group

Japan NetBSD Users' Group, or JNUG (page written in Japanese) is a group of NetBSD users based in Japan. The group's activities include maintaining mirror sites to provide local users with the fruits of the NetBSD Project, promoting communication among users/developers in Japan, promoting contribution from the Japanese user/developer community back to the NetBSD Project, and promoting NetBSD in general in Japan.

NetBSD Users Group in Poland

The NetBSD Users Group in Poland used to gather around the IRCNet #NetBSD.PL channel. Nowadays it's active at the FreeNode #netbsd-pl channel.

- BSD news aggregator with NetBSD content

Swedish NetBSD Group

Swedish NetBSD Group who provides a news section in Swedish, an IRC channel on, a www interface to pkgsrc and a regional mailing list for Swedish speaking users.

BSD groups

Australia - BSD User Group Adelaide

BUGA, the BSD User Group of Adelaide, meets at irregular intervals. BUGA was formed in April 1999 in Adelaide, and aims to provide promotion, discussion, and local support for all of the *BSD projects and their users. You can sign up for their mailing list by sending mail to with "subscribe BUGA" in the body.

Australia - BSD User Group Sydney

BUGS is the new user group for *BSD users in Sydney (and NSW). The first meeting of BUGS was on 16 May, 1999, at Hornsby.

To find out more, go to the BUGS web site, or join the mailing list by sending "subscribe bugs" in the body of an email to .

Austria - BSD Usergroup Austria

BSD Usergroup Austria aims to provide a german-language forum for BSD users. More information, including how to subscribe to the BUGAT mailing list, is available on their web site.

Canada - Ottawa Carleton BSD Users Group

The Ottawa Carleton BSD Users Group meets monthly for pizza, beer and conversation.

Canada - Greater Toronto Area BSD Users Group

The Greater Toronto Area BSD Users Group holds monthly informal meetings in downtown Toronto, all are welcome!

Denmark - Danish *BSD user group

The Danish *BSD user group (BSD/DK) aims to bring *BSD users in Denmark together for informal discussion, mutual assistance and to provide information about *BSD on a national level.

Germany - BSD Social Event Munich

BSE (BSD Social Event) is located in München (Munich), Germany. Feel free to visit our "Stammtisch" (regulars' table) or join the mailing list. For details see the BSE web site .

Germany - Berkeley In Munich

BIM is a group of BSD enthusiasts in Munich.

Germany - BSD User Group Hamburg

BSD User Group Hamburg, formed in 1995, is a group for *BSD users group based in the Hamburg area. More information is available at the BSDHH web site.

Germany - Ulmer BSD User Stammtisch

The Ulmer BSD User Stammtisch (u-bus) is a group for *BSD users based in the area of Ulm/Donau. More information is available at the u-bus web site.

Germany - HappaBSD Regensburg

HappaBSD is a regulars' table taking place every month in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany. For more information see HappaBSD website.

Hungary - Hungarian BSD users group

The Hungarian BSD Users Group was established in 2001 and is focused on free and open source, mainly the BSD derivatives - FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD. For more information, see the Hungarian BSD user group web site.

Iran - meetBSD

meetBSD is an Iranian BSD user group that organizes local conferences, mirrors BSD contents, support community and provides consultancy and training. More information is available on ther website.

Israel - Israeli BSD user group

This group aims to bring a useful source of information to the *BSD community, and to promote the use of the BSD Operating Systems in General. They have a mailing list, hosted at . To subscribe, send mail to , with the text "subscribe il-bsd" as the message body.

Japan - BBQ

BBQ (BBQ is *BSD* Users Group in Q-shu) is a *BSD users group based in the Kyushu area, a southern part of Japan. For more information, see the BBQ web site.

Japan - BSD Users Group, Shinshu

bugs (bugs is BSD Users Group in Shinshu) is a BSD users group based in the Shinshu area. For more information, see the bugs web site.

Japan - Chofu *BSD Users' Group

CBUG (Chofu BSD Users Group) is a group based in the west Tokyo area. For more information, please visit the CBUG web site.

Japan - Chiba *BSD Users' Group

ChiBUG (Chiba *BSD Users' Group) is a *BSD user group in the Chiba area. See the ChiBUG web site for more details.

Japan - Daibou East *BSD Users Group

The Daibou East *BSD Users Group (DEBUG) is now forming for *BSD users in the Tsukuba area. For more information, including how to join their mailing list, see the DEBUG web site.

Japan - Echigo BSD Users Group

EBUG (Echigo BSD Users Group) is the user group for BSD users around Echigo (aka Niigata). For more information on our events and mailing lists, please check the EBUG web site.

Japan - Kansai *BSD Users Group

Kansai *BSD Users Group (K*BUG), was established on November 13, 1999. Its goal is to promote communication between the BSD variants' users. Some of its activities are to hold friendly parties of the members, and seminars covering a wide variety of topics. More information can be acquired by mailing .

Japan - Nagoya *BSD Users' Group

NBUG (Nagoya *BSD Users' Group) is a *BSD users' group in Nagoya and Tokai area. Hold regular meeting on Saturday closest 23rd of month, participation in some events, and so on. Regular meeting is usually held at NPO plaza Nagoya.

Japan - Northern land BSD Users Group

NoBUG (Northern land BSD Users Group) is a *BSD users group based in the Hokkaido area, a Northern part of Japan.

Japan - Shikoku BSD Users Group

S*BUG (Shikoku BSD User Group) is a *BSD users group based in the Shikoku area, a Southern part of Japan.

Latvia - BSD user group - Latvia

BSD user group - Latvia is a BSD users group based in Latvia. They have a forum available on

Netherlands - Dutch BSD User Group

The Dutch BSD User Group is a *BSD users group based in The Netherlands.

Norway - Norwegian BSD User Group

The Norwegian BSD User Group (NOBUG) is a usergroup for BSD users and enthusiasts in Norway. Meetings are currently held in Oslo and Bergen.

Poland - Subcarpathian BSD User Group

SBUG is a *BSD user group based in Rzeszow and targeting the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

Poland - Polish BSD User Group

The Polish BSD User Group is a *BSD users group based in Warsaw created to promote systems from the BSD family.

Portugal - Portuguese *BSD Users Group

Location in Amadora, Portugal. . Recent group. Includes Amiga and SPARC/SPARC64 architectures. Please send email for more details and information.

Slovenia - BSD User Group Slovenia

BSD User Group Slovenia connects BSD system users in Slovenia. Members group also gather around IRC channel on

Sweden - BSD Users Sweden

BSD Users Sweden (BUS) is a Swedish-language BSD user's group with a Swedish-language mailing list available at their web page.

Turkey - EnderUNIX Software Development Team

EnderUNIX Software Development Team is a Turkish BSD group who write code for BSD and articles about BSD. Their site has an English and a Turkish version.

USA - CA - BSD Users of Los Angeles

BSD Users of Los Angeles was created to fill a niche within the Los Angeles based UNIX community. This group is generally focused on BSD based UNIX operating systems such as BSDi, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD. Although, users and administrators of other UNIX based operating systems are more than welcome.

USA - CA - San Diego BSD Users Group

San Diego BSD Users Group (SDBUG) was formed to accommodate the San Diego area's BSD community. The SDBUG web site has details on their mailing list and next meeting.

USA - CA - Silicon Valley BSD Users Group

Silicon Valley BSD Users Group (SVBUG) is a forum for BSD and BSD embedded systems. They hold free meetings on the first Thursday of every month at 7 pm. For more information, including the current schedule and directions, check the SVBUG web site.

USA - MA - New England Area BSD Users Group

New England Area BSD Users Group (NEABUG) is a group for users in and around the Boston area (and other places in New England as well). For more information on their mailing lists and events, see the NEABUG web site.


CapBUG is a BSD User Group in the Maryland, DC, Virginia area. Join by subscribing to the mailing list and visit our website.

USA - MN - Twin Cities BSD User Group

The Twin Cities BSD User Group meets once a month to discuss issues important to the BSD community. The website carries our major announcements, while you are encouraged to join the mailing list to keep up with general group discussion. Look at the site, join the mailing list, come to a meeting. We look forward to learning from you and with you about BSD UNIX.

USA - NY - Albany - Capital District *BSD Users Group

CDBUG draws its membership from New York's capital district and the surrounding communities. Our mailing list is graciously hosted by NYCBUG at

USA - NY - New York City BSD User Group

The NYCBUG is a BSD user group for the New York City metropolitan area. Information about their mailing lists is available on this website.

USA - TN - Knoxville BSD User Group

We are a community of BSD users and developers from Knoxville TN and the surrounding area. Our community consists of people with varying skill levels including everyone from project leads to completely new end users. All are welcome. Our goal is to provide a productive and stimulating learning environment for anybody interested in the BSDs and relevant software. For more information please see the KnoxBUG web site.

USA - UT - Salt Lake BSD Users Group

Salt Lake BSD Users meet in conjunction with the Salt Lake Linux Users Group (SLLUG) to converse on topics of mutual interest.

USA - WA - Seattle BSD Users Group

Seattle BSD Users Group is a users group for Open Source Unix based in the Seattle, Washington area. The primary emphasis is on BSD but enthusiasts of other Open Source Unix, such as Linux, are welcome. Meetings are held one evening each month with presentations on advanced BSD topics. Visit the webpage for meeting topics, directions, and for mailing list information.

Free unix groups

Australia - Home Unix Machine Brisbane Users Group

Home Unix Machine Brisbane Users Group (HUMBUG) exists to get fellow Unix users in contact with each other, and to introduce people to Unix and Unix-like operating systems. The group meets fortnightly at the University of Queensland.

On the HUMBUG web site you'll find information on the next meeting, mailing lists, directions, and other details.

Canada - Unix Unanimous

Unix Unanimous, founded 1986, still meets regularly on the second Wednesday of every month in Toronto.

Unix Unanimous is an informal gathering of people interested in Unix and related topics. There are no fees or membership requirements, and the meeting is open to all. Participants typically include Unix professionals, students, and hobbyists.

More information can be found at

A mailing list for announcements and discussion can be subscribed to via that page.

Finland - Finnish Unix Users Group

The Finnish UNIX Users Group is the oldest Unix related users group in Finland.

Germany - Bergische Linux- und Unix-Enthusiasten & Freunde offener, gemeinnütziger Software (bluefrogs) e.V.

This user group is located in Bergisch Gladbach (near Cologne) and meets twice a month. Activities include workshops, lectures & talks and organized trips to well-known events (Linuxtag, Linuxkonferenz, LUG-Camp, etc.). Members of the non-profit association pay 1 EUR/month but non-members are also welcome to attend the meetings. There's also a website and contact address (info at

Germany - BSD Events Mailing List

This german language list is for coordinating BSD booths at non-BSD specific events (e.g. Linux centric conferences), or for coordinating BSD related events. To subscribe, send mail with "subscribe bsd-events" to .

Norway - Norwegian UNIX User Group

NUUG is the Norwegian UNIX User Group, established in 1984. Meetings are held monthly in Oslo area.

USA - AZ - Tucson Free Unix Group

Tucson Free Unix Group (TFUG) is an active Free Unix Group in Tucson, Arizona. NetBSD users are welcomed.

USA - MA - Boston Linux & Unix User Group

The Boston Linux & Unix User Group is a Boston-area users' group that welcomes folks using any sort of Unix. BLU has mailing lists available at their web site.

USA - NY - Unigroup of NY, Inc.

Unigroup is the oldest and largest Unix User's Group serving the Greater New York City Regional Area since the early 1980s.

Unigroup is a not-for-profit, vendor and platform neutral, member funded, volunteer organization. Unigroup holds regular and special event meetings throughout the year on technical topics relating to Unix and the Unix User Community.

USA - OR - Central Oregon Unix User Group

Central Oregon Unix User Group (Bendug) has a mailing list and is seeking to grow and expand. The group is open to all users of free Unix-like software.

Regional NetBSD mailing lists

Regional Mailing lists

Regional mailing lists are available for discussion of NetBSD and other topics of interest to regional groups. Subscription is via as per the mailing list information.

The following regional mailing lists are currently available:

Internet forums - NetBSD Sweden

A Swedish and English NetBSD forum


NetBSD Italia

NetBSD Italia is a community about NetBSD and pkgsrc. They provide a wiki in Italian language and translations of the official documentation. It's the rendez vous for Italian users.