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The NetBSD Packages Collection: databases

"databases" ディレクトリー


このディレクトリに含まれる 220 パッケージの一行コメント:

abook-0.5.5nb1: Text-based addressbook program
adodb-4.96a: Active Data Objects Data Base for php4
bdb-xml-1.2.1nb7: Native XML data manager built on Berkeley DB
cdb-0.75: Creates and reads constant databases
db-2.7.7nb3: Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB version 2
db3-3.11.2nb4: Sleepycat SoftwareのバークレーDBバージョン3
db4-4.6.21: Berkeley DB version 4 from Oracle
dbh-1.0.24: Library to create disk based Hashtables
edb-1.0.5: Database abstraction layer to Berkeley databases
freetds-0.82nb1: Implementation of TDS protocol used by Sybase and MS-SQL servers
gdbm-1.8.3nb1: The GNU database manager
gdbm_primitive-1.15nb2: Shell primitives for working with GDBMs
geneweb-4.10nb3: GeneWeb is a comprehensive genealogy database application
gnats-4.1.0nb2: GNATS bug tracking system
gnome-mime-data-2.18.0: MIME and Application database for GNOME2
gourmet- Recipe database
gq-1.2.3nb2: GTK-based LDAP client
gramps-1.0.11nb11: Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System
gramps-2.2.10nb1: Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System
gtksql-0.3nb8: Query tool for PostgreSQL written with GTK
guile-pg-0.36nb1: PostgreSQL interface for Guile
iodbc-3.52.6: ODBC 2.x ドライバーマネージャー
ipa_sdb-1.0.1nb1: IPA simple database module
java-db3-3.11.2nb1: Java interface to Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB version 3
java-qdbm- Java API of QDBM
jdb-1.13nb1: 平坦なアスキーデータベース操作用コマンドパッケージ
jdbc-postgresql81-411: PostgreSQL 8.1 JDBC3 driver
jdbc-postgresql82-507: PostgreSQL 8.2 JDBC3 driver
kmysqladmin-0.7.2: MySQL administration GUI
krecipes-1.0beta1nb3: Recipe manager
lbdb-0.35.1: The little brother's database
ldapvi-1.7nb1: Interactive LDAP client
libgda-3.0.1: GNU database access library
libgda-mysql-3.0.1: GNU database access library - mysql provider
libgda-postgres-3.0.1nb1: GNU database access library - postgres provider
libgnomedb-3.0.0nb2: GNOME2 database library
libpqxx-2.5.5nb2: C++ interface to postgresql-lib
libpqxx-doc-2.5.5nb1: Documentation for libpqxx
lua-sqlite-20030228nb5: SQLite binding for LUA
luma-2.3: LDAP browser
mergeant-0.66nb4: GNOME2 GNOME-DB database front-end
metakit-lib- Embedded database library
myodbc-3.51.12nb3: ODBC driver (server side) for MySQL
mysql-client-4.1.22nb3: MySQL 4, a free SQL database (client)
mysql-server-4.1.22nb2: MySQL 4, a free SQL database (server)
mysql-client-5.0.51nb3: MySQL 5, a free SQL database (client)
mysql-server-5.0.51nb1: MySQL 5, a free SQL database (server)
mysqlcc-0.9.4nb9: MySQL Control Center
mytop-0.8nb2: Console-based tool for monitoring the threads and performance of MySQL
nss_ldap-260: LDAP client for nsswitch
ocaml-mysql-1.0.4nb1: Ocaml library for MySQL database access
odbc-postgresql-7.2.3nb2: ODBC interface to PostgreSQL
openldap-2.4.9: オープンソースLDAP クライアント、サーバーソフトウェア
openldap-client-2.4.9: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol libraries and client programs
openldap-doc-2.4.9: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol documentation
openldap-server-2.4.9: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol server suite
oraedit-0.1.4nb1: Editor of PL/SQL source stored in Oracle database
p5-AddressBook-0.16nb5: Perl5 module for unified access to addressbook databases
p5-Apache-DBI-1.06: DBI support for Apache+mod_perl
p5-BerkeleyDB-0.33: Access Berkeley DB
p5-CDB_File-0.96: Perl5 module to use CDB files
p5-Class-DBI-3.0.14: Perl5 module for Simple Database Abstraction
p5-Class-DBI-AbstractSearch-0.05nb1: Abstract Class::DBI's SQL with SQL::Abstract
p5-Class-DBI-Pg-0.06: Class::DBI extension for Postgres
p5-DBD-CSV-0.22: Access CSV files via DBI
p5-DBD-Google-0.11nb2: Perl DBI/DBD driver for using Google as a datasource
p5-DBD-Oracle-1.19: Perl DBI/DBD driver for Oracle databases
p5-DBD-PgPP-0.05: DBD::PgPP - Pure Perl PostgreSQL driver for the DBI
p5-DBD-SQLite-1.14: Perl DBI/DBD driver for sqlite databases
p5-DBD-SQLite2-0.33: Perl DBI/DBD driver for sqlite v2 databases
p5-DBD-Sybase-0.94nb8: Perl DBI/DBD driver for Sybase/MS-SQL databases
p5-DBD-XBase-0.241nb2: Perl DBI/DBD driver for XBase (dBase/FoxPro) databases
p5-DBD-mysql-4.006: MySQL データベース用Perl DBI/DBD ドライバー
p5-DBD-postgresql-2.2.2nb2: Perl DBI/DBD driver for PostgreSQL databases
p5-DBI-1.604: The database-independent Perl database access API
p5-DBI-Shell-11.93nb2: Interactive command Shell for the Perl DBI
p5-DBIWrapper-0.20nb4: Perl extension for generic DBI database access
p5-DBIx-Abstract-1.006: SQL Database access functions
p5-DBIx-ContextualFetch-1.03: Perl5 module adding contextual fetches to DBI
p5-DBIx-DBSchema-0.36: Database-independent schema objects
p5-DBIx-DataSource-0.02nb2: Create and drop functions for databases
p5-DBIx-Schema-0.07: Simpler SQL Join interface
p5-DBIx-SearchBuilder-1.53: Extension for easy SQL SELECT Statement generation
p5-DB_File-1.815: Perl5 module to use Berkeley DB version 1 API
p5-DB_File-Lock-0.05: Perl5 module providing locking with flock wrapper for DB_File
p5-Data-Table-1.50: Data type related to database tables, spreadsheets, etc
p5-Ima-DBI-0.35: Perl5 module for DB connection caching and organization
p5-MARC-1.15nb2: Perl5 module for manipulating MARC (MAchine Readable Cataloging) data
p5-MLDBM-2.01nb2: Perl5 module for storing arbitrary data in tied hashes
p5-MLDBM-Sync-0.30: Perl5 module for safe concurrent access to MLDBM databases
p5-Net-MySQL-0.09: Net::MySQL - Pure Perl MySQL network protocol interface
p5-Palm-1.3.0nb2: Access Palm .pdb and .prc database files
p5-Rose-DB-0.744: DBI wrapper and abstraction layer
p5-Rose-DB-Object-0.770: Extensible, high performance RDBMS-OO mapper
p5-SQL-Abstract-1.21: Generate SQL from Perl data structures
p5-SQL-ReservedWords-0.7: Reserved SQL words by standard and vendors
p5-SQL-Statement-1.11nb1: Small, abstract SQL engine
p5-gdbm-1.08: GNUデータベースマネージャー用 Perl インターフェース
p5-perl-ldap-0.34: LDAPサーバーにアクセスするためのperlクラス
p5-postgresql-1.9.0nb7: Perl interface class for PostgreSQL
p5-qdbm- Perl interface of QDBM
p5-sybperl-2.16nb5: Perl modules for using Sybase/MS-SQL databases
palm-db-tools-0.3.6nb1: Conversion utilities for PalmOS flat-file database programs
php5-pear-DB-1.7.6: PHP Database Abstraction Layer
php5-pear-MDB2-2.4.1: Merge of PEAR DB and Metabase database abstraction layers
php5-pear-MDB2_Driver_mysql-1.4.1: Mysql MDB2 driver
php5-pear-MDB2_Driver_pgsql-1.4.1: Pgsql MDB2 driver
php5-pear-MDB2_Driver_sqlite-1.4.1: Sqlite MDB2 driver
pgpool-2.7: Connection pooling/replication server for PostgreSQL
pgtcl-1.5nb3: TCL interface to PostgreSQL
pgtclng-1.5.3nb3: Next Generation TCL interface to PostgreSQL
php5-dba-5.2.6nb1: PHP extension for DBM database access
php5-dbase-5.2.6: PHP extension for dBase database access
php5-dbx- PHP database abstraction layer extension
php4-filepro-4.4.8: PHP extension for read-only filePro database access
php5-ldap-5.2.6: PHP extension for LDAP database access
php5-mssql-5.2.6: PHP extension for MS SQL databases
php5-mysql-5.2.6: PHP extension for MySQL databases
php5-oci8-5.2.6: PHP extension for Oracle 8 (and above) databases
php5-odbc-5.2.6: PHP extension for ODBC access
php5-oracle-5.2.6: PHP extension for Oracle databases
php5-pdo- PHP extension for PHP Data Objects (base)
php5-pdo_dblib- PHP PDO extension for FreeTDS/Sybase/MS SQL databases
php5-pdo_mysql- PHP PDO extension for MySQL databases
php5-pdo_odbc- PHP PDO extension for ODBC databases
php5-pdo_pgsql- PHP PDO extension for PostgreSQL databases
php5-pdo_sqlite- PHP PDO extension for SQLite v3 databases
php5-pgsql-5.2.6nb1: PHP extension for PostgreSQL databases
php5-sqlite- PHP extension for SQLite 2.x databases
php5-mysqli-5.2.6: PHP5 extension for MySQL 4.1 and later databases
phpldapadmin- Set of PHP-scripts to administer an LDAP directory over the WWW
phpmyadmin-2.11.6: Set of PHP-scripts to adminstrate MySQL over the WWW
phppgadmin-4.1.3: Set of PHP-scripts to administer PostgreSQL over the WWW
postgresql81-8.1.11: Robust, next generation, object-relational DBMS
postgresql81-client-8.1.11nb1: PostgreSQL database client programs
postgresql81-plperl-8.1.11nb1: PL/Perl procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend
postgresql81-plpython-8.1.11nb1: PL/Python procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend
postgresql81-pltcl-8.1.11nb1: PL/Tcl procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend
postgresql81-server-8.1.11nb1: PostgreSQL database server programs
postgresql81-tsearch2-8.1.11nb1: Tsearch2 contrib module for fulltext indexing in PostgreSQL
postgresql82-8.2.7: Robust, next generation, object-relational DBMS
postgresql82-adminpack-8.2.7: Admin pack module for pgAdmin management
postgresql82-client-8.2.7: PostgreSQL database client programs
postgresql82-plperl-8.2.7: PL/Perl procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend
postgresql82-plpython-8.2.7: PL/Python procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend
postgresql82-pltcl-8.2.7: PL/Tcl procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend
postgresql82-server-8.2.7: PostgreSQL database server programs
postgresql82-tsearch2-8.2.7: Tsearch2 contrib module for fulltext indexing in PostgreSQL
postgresql83-8.3.1: Robust, next generation, object-relational DBMS
postgresql83-adminpack-8.3.1: Admin pack module for pgAdmin management
postgresql83-client-8.3.1: PostgreSQL database client programs
postgresql83-plperl-8.3.1: PL/Perl procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend
postgresql83-plpython-8.3.1: PL/Python procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend
postgresql83-pltcl-8.3.1: PL/Tcl procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend
postgresql83-server-8.3.1: PostgreSQL database server programs
pxtools-0.0.20nb2: Paradox database export/info utilities
py23-IndexedCatalog-0.6.0nb1: Indexed Catalog extension for standalone ZODB
py24-PgSQL-2.4nb5: Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to PostgreSQL
py23-ZODB-3.2.1nb3: Standalone distro of Zope Object Database
py24-bdb-xml-1.2.1nb7: Python wrapper for Berkeley DB XML C++ API
py24-bsddb3-4.6.4: Python extension module for Berkeley DB 4
py24-gdbm-0nb2: GNUデータベースマネージャー用 Python インターフェース
py24-ldap-2.3.1nb1: LDAP client API for Python
py24-metakit- Embedded database library
py24-mssql-0.8.0: Python interface to MS SQL
py24-mysqldb-0.9.2nb3: MySQL interface for Python
py24-pgnotify-0.1nb2: Python interface to PostgreSQL LISTEN/NOTIFY
py24-postgresql-3.8.1nb2: Python用PostgreSQLインターフェース
py24-psycopg-1.1.21nb3: PostgreSQL database adapter for Python
py24-psycopg2- PostgreSQL database adapter for Python
py24-sqlite-1.0.1nb1: SQLite database adapter for Python
py24-sqlite2-2.3.5: SQLite database adapter for Python
py24-sybase-0.36nb4: Sybase interface for Python using FreeTDS
py24-table-0.8.3anb3: Python RDBMS wrapper for various databases
qdbm-1.8.77: Quick Database Manager - library of routines for managing a db
qdbm-cgi- CGI scripts of QDBM
qdbm-plus- C++ API for QDBM
quicklist-0.8.6nb5: Simple database like AppleWorks \& MS Works
rdb-2.6.4nb1: Relational database system that uses standard filters via pipes
rrdtool-1.2.27: グラフ図を生成するデータ分析ツール
ruby18-DBD-mysql-0.1.1: DBD/mysql for ruby
ruby18-DBD-postgresql-0.1.1nb1: DBD/postgres for ruby
ruby18-DBD-sqlite-0.1.1: DBD/SQLite for ruby
ruby18-DBI-0.1.1: DBI for ruby
ruby18-activerecord-2.0.2nb1: Object-relation mapping put on rails
ruby18-activerecord-odbc-2.0: ActiveRecord ODBC adapter
ruby18-acts-as-versioned-0.2.3: Simple versioning for ActiveRecord
ruby18-datamapper-0.3.0: Fast, thread-safe, object-relational mapper
ruby18-gdbm- Ruby extension to GDBM library
ruby18-mysql-2.7.3: Ruby extension for MySQL
ruby18-odbc-0.9995: ODBC binding for Ruby
ruby18-postgres-pr-0.4.0: Pure Ruby extension for PostgreSQL
ruby18-postgresql- Ruby extension for PostgreSQL
ruby18-qdbm- Ruby interface of QDBM
ruby18-sequel-1.5.1: Model classes for the Sequel Database Toolkit
ruby18-sequel-core-1.5.1: Core components for Sequel
ruby18-sqlite3-1.2.1nb1: Ruby interface for the SQLite database engine
ruby18-vapor-0.81nb5: Ruby transparent persistence to postgresql
sdbm-90.12.1: DBM代替品.「真の」ndbmライブラリーの実装
shared-mime-info-0.30: Core database of common types
slony1-1.2.12nb1: Replication system for PostgreSQL
sqlite-2.8.16nb1: SQL Database Engine in a C Library
sqlite3-3.5.9: SQL Database Engine in a C Library
sqlite3-tcl-3.5.9: SQL Database Engine in a C Library
sqlitebrowser-1.3: QT3 lightweight GUI editor/viewer for SQLite Databases
SQLiteManager-1.0.4nb2: Web frontend for managing SQLite databases
sqlrelay-0.37nb2: Enables pooling and sharing of database connections
sqsh-2.1nb5: SQL shell for Sybase and MS-SQL servers
sqsh-motif-2.1nb5: SQL shell for Sybase and MS-SQL servers (Motif GUI)
sqsh-x11-2.1nb5: SQL shell for Sybase and MS-SQL servers (Athena GUI)
tcl-fbsql-1.06nb3: Tcl interface to MySQL
tcl-gdbm-0.10nb1: GNUデータベースマネージャー用 tcl インターフェース
tdb-1.0.6nb2: Small database system which uses files to store data
tinycdb-0.76: Create and read constant databases
unixodbc-2.2.12: ODBC 2.x/3.x driver manager
unixodbc-DataManager-2.2.12nb3: GUI tool for unixODBC data source management
unixodbc-ODBCConfig-2.2.12nb3: GUI tool for unixODBC driver configuration
xsqlmenu-2.10nb6: X based GUI for MySQL
yap2lc-0.5.9nb1: Yet Another Passwd 2 LDIF Converter
yasql-1.81nb1: Yet another SQLPlus replacement for Oracle

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