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The NetBSD Packages Collection: finance

"finance" ディレクトリー

Monetary, financial and related applications

このディレクトリに含まれる 11 パッケージの一行コメント:

gkrellm-stock-0.5.1nb8: GKrellM2 stock ticker plugin
gnucash-2.2.5: Personal or business finance management program
gnucash-docs-2.2.0: Documentation for GnuCash - personal double-entry accounting program
kmymoney2-0.8.6nb3: Personal finance manager for KDE
libofx-0.8.3nb2: OFX (Open Financial eXchange) Library
p5-Finance-Quote-1.13: Perl module to get stock quotes from Yahoo
ruby18-activemerchant-1.3.2: Ruby library for credit card processing
tclticker-1.1nb1: Stock-quote ticker tape application
xfinans-5.9nb2: Xfinans is a useful financial tracking, and account balancing tool
xinvest-2.6.9nb2: Personal finance tracking and performance tool
xquote-2.6.10nb2: WWW ticker symbol quote retrieval program

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