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The NetBSD Packages Collection: fonts

"fonts" ディレクトリー


このディレクトリに含まれる 143 パッケージの一行コメント:

Xft2-2.1.7nb3: Library for configuring and customizing font access
libXgFonts-1.0nb2: These are the UNICODE fonts for use with 9term and sam
acroread-chsfont-4.0nb1: Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 4.0 (Chinese Simplified)
acroread-chtfont-4.0nb1: Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 4.0 (Chinese Traditional)
acroread-font-share-4.0nb2: Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 4.0 (common base)
acroread-jpnfont-4.0nb1: Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 4.0 (Japanese)
acroread-korfont-4.0nb1: Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 4.0 (Korean)
acroread5-chsfont-5.0nb1: Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 5 (Chinese Simplified)
acroread5-chtfont-5.0nb1: Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 5 (Chinese Traditional)
acroread5-font-share-5.0nb1: Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 5 (common base)
acroread5-jpnfont-5.0nb1: Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 5 (Japanese)
acroread5-korfont-5.0nb1: Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 5 (Korean)
acroread7-chsfont-7.0nb1: Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 7 (Chinese Simplified)
acroread7-chtfont-7.0nb1: Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 7 (Chinese Traditional)
acroread7-font-share-7.0nb1: Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 7 (common base)
acroread7-jpnfont-7.0nb1: Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 7 (Japanese)
acroread7-korfont-7.0nb1: Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader 7 (Korean)
adobe-cidfonts-20000901: Adobe CID-keyed O'Reilly fonts for CJK
adobe-cmaps-20060615: Adobe CMap files for CJK
alee-ttf-11.1nb1: A Lee's Hangul truetype fonts
arphic-ttf-2.11nb4: Chinese TrueType fonts from Arphic Technology
artwiz-fonts-1.3nb3: Set of free fonts for X11 desktops
baekmuk-ttf-2.2nb2: Baekmuk family Korean TrueType fonts
bakoma-fonts-1.1: BaKoMa Fonts for TeX
bdftopcf-1.0.1: BDF to PCF font converter for X11
biznet-iso8859_2-1.0nb4: Full set of ISO 8859-2 fonts for X Window System
chkfontpath-1.9.7nb3: Command line tool to manage X server's font path
cyberbase-ttf-2.0nb5: Cyberbit minus CJK subset, for ISO-8859-x languages
cyberbit-ttf-2.0nb5: Multilingual TrueType font from Bitstream
cyr-rfx-bulgarian-mik-1.1nb3: Cyrillic X11 fonts in bulgarian-mik encoding
cyr-rfx-ibm-cp866-1.1nb3: Cyrillic X11 fonts in ibm-cp866 encoding
cyr-rfx-iso10646_0400-1.1nb3: Cyrillic X11 fonts in iso10646-0400 encoding
cyr-rfx-iso8859_15-1.1nb3: Cyrillic X11 fonts in iso8859-15 encoding
cyr-rfx-iso8859_5-1.1nb3: Cyrillic X11 fonts in iso8859-5 encoding
cyr-rfx-koi8-o-1.1nb3: Cyrillic X11 fonts in koi8-o encoding
cyr-rfx-koi8-ru-1.1nb3: Cyrillic X11 fonts in koi8-ru encoding
cyr-rfx-koi8-ub-1.1nb3: Cyrillic X11 fonts in koi8-ub encoding
cyr-rfx-koi8_1-1.1nb3: Cyrillic X11 fonts in koi8-1 encoding
cyr-rfx-mac-cyrillic-1.1nb3: Cyrillic X11 fonts in mac-cyrillic encoding
cyr-rfx-windows_1251-1.1nb3: Cyrillic X11 fonts in windows-1251 encoding
cyr-rfx-winlatin_1-1.1nb3: Cyrillic X11 fonts in winlatin-1 encoding
dbz-ttf-20050114nb1: Divide By Zero TrueType fonts created by Tom Murphy 7
dejavu-ttf-2.21: DejaVu family of TrueType fonts
ec-fonts-mftraced-1.0.8nb6: EC PostScript Type1 fonts with TFMs for TeX
efont-unicode-0.4.2nb1: Free unicode BDF font
encodings-1.0.2: X11 Font Index Generator
font-adobe-100dpi-1.0.0: Standard 100dpi Adobe PCF fonts
font-adobe-75dpi-1.0.0: Standard 75pi Adobe PCF fonts
font-adobe-utopia-100dpi-1.0.1: 100dpi Adobe Utopia PCF fonts
font-adobe-utopia-75dpi-1.0.1: 75dpi Adobe Utopia PCF fonts
font-adobe-utopia-type1-1.0.1: Adobe Utopia Type1 fonts
font-alias-1.0.1: Standard aliases for X11 PCF fonts
font-bh-100dpi-1.0.0: Standard 100dpi Bigelow \& Holmes PCF fonts
font-bh-75dpi-1.0.0: Standard 75dpi Bigelow \& Holmes PCF fonts
font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi-1.0.0: 100dpi Bigelow \& Holmes Lucida Typewriter PCF fonts
font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi-1.0.0: 75dpi Bigelow \& Holmes Lucida Typewriter PCF fonts
font-bh-ttf-1.0.0: Standard Bigelow \& Holmes TrueType fonts
font-bh-type1-1.0.0: Standard Bigelow \& Holmes TrueType fonts
font-bitstream-100dpi-1.0.0: Standard 100dpi Bitstream PCF fonts
font-bitstream-75dpi-1.0.0: Standard 75dpi Bitstream PCF fonts
font-bitstream-type1-1.0.0: Bitstream Charter and Courier Type 1 outline fonts
font-cursor-misc-1.0.0: Standard X11 cursors in PCF format
font-daewoo-misc-1.0.0: Daewoo Gothic PCF fonts
font-dec-misc-1.0.0: DEC cursor and session PCF fonts
font-ibm-type1-1.0.0: IBM Courier Type1 fonts
font-isas-misc-1.0.0: 72dpi PCF versions of the Chinese Song Ti fonts
font-jis-misc-1.0.0: 78dpi PCF versions of the Japanese fixed fonts
font-misc-misc-1.0.0: Standard X11 "fixed" PCF font
font-mutt-misc-1.0.0: 100dpi PCF versions of the ClearlyU fonts
font-sony-misc-1.0.0: Standard X11 "sony" PCF fonts
font-util-1.0.1nb1: Tools for truncating and subseting of ISO10646-1 BDF fonts
fontconfig-2.5.0: Library for configuring and customizing font access
fontforge-20080330: Postscript font editor
freefont-ttf-20050407: Free UCS Outline Fonts: FreeMono, FreeSans, and FreeSerif
freefonts-0.10nb2: Collection of 79 freely available fonts
gentium-ttf-1.02: Free TrueType fonts from Bitstream, useful for web viewing
geoslab703-ttf-20010522nb4: Free TrueType fonts from Bitstream, useful for web viewing
ghostscript-cidfonts-20000901nb2: CIDFont resources for Ghostscript
ghostscript-cmaps-20020913nb2: CMap resources for Ghostscript
ghostscript-fonts-8.11nb2: Postscript fonts for Aladdin Ghostscript
gucharmap-2.22.1: Unicode/ISO10646 character map and font viewer
inconsolata-20070822: Inconsolata TrueType font
intlfonts-1.2.1nb5: Free X11 fonts (BDF format) for all characters that Emacs can handle
ja-elisat-1.0nb1: 8x8 dots X11 bitmap font for JIS X 0208
ja-elisau-1.0nb1: 10x8 dots X11 bitmap font for JIS X 0208
ja-kaname- 12x12 dots X11 bitmap font for JIS X 0208
ja-kappa20-0.394nb1: 20x20 dots X11 bitmap font for Japanese with several extra fonts
ja-naga10-1.1nb1: 10x10 dots X11 bitmap font for JIS X 0208
ja-sazanami-ttf-20040629nb1: Truly free Japanese TrueType font
ja-shinonome-0.9.11: 12, 14, 16 dots bitmap fonts for Japanese, iso8859-1
jisx0208fonts-200301316nb2: Meta-package including X11 BDF fonts for JIS X0208 standard and more
jisx0212fonts-0.0nb2: X11 bitmap fonts for JIS X 0212
jisx0213fonts-0.0nb1: X11 bitmap fonts for JIS X 0213
jmk-fonts-3.0nb3: Jim Knoble's font collection for X11
kcfonts-1.05nb3: Kuo Chauo Chinese Fonts collection
ko-baekmuk-2.1: X11 fonts for KSX 1001 Korean standard (baekmuk foundry)
ko-hanyang-20010718nb1: X11 fonts for KSC 5601 standard
ko-kaist-20010718nb1: X11 fonts for Korean KSC 5601 standard (kaist foundry)
ko-mizi-20010718nb1: X11 fonts for KSC 5601 standard
ko-x11fonts-20010722nb2: Korean X11 fonts
kochi-ttf-20030809nb5: Free Japanese TrueType font by Yasuyuki Furukawa
liberation-ttf-0.2: TrueType fonts from RedHat
libfontenc-1.0.4: The fontenc Library from X.org
linux-libertine-ttf-2.1.0: Free TrueType font family
mftrace-1.2.14: Scalable Fonts for MetaFont
mglfonts-0.1: MGL2 fonts and font tools
mkfontalias-20000521nb1: Creates a fonts.alias from the fonts.dir for TrueType fonts
mkfontdir-1.0.4: X11 Font Index Generator
mkfontscale-1.0.5: X11 Scalable Font Index Generator
mminstance-1.20: Utility programs for creating instances of multiple master fonts
monafonts-2.90nb1: Japanese fonts for "Mona" seen at 2ch.net
monafonts-ttf-2.90: Japanese TrueType fonts for "Mona" seen at 2ch.net
mozilla-fonts-1.0nb3: Optimized fonts for Netscape/Mozilla
mplayer-fonts-20030714nb1: Fonts for mplayer and gmplayer
ms-ttf-20020306nb5: TrueType fonts from Microsoft
oto-0.4nb4: List and modify OpenType font files
p5-Font-AFM-1.19: Perl5 modules for parsing PostScript font metrics files
p5-Font-TTF-0.38.1: Perl module for TrueType font hacking
p5-Font-TTFMetrics-0.1: Perl parser for the True type font metric (TTF) files
pcf2bdf-1.04nb1: Convert X font from PCF to BDF
profont-1.0nb1: Monospaced bitmap font readable in very small sizes
py24-TTFQuery-0.2.6nb1: Query TTF font files for metadata and font outlines
py24-fonttools-2.0b1nb2: Library for manipulating fonts
sgi-fonts-1.0.457nb3: Linux compatibility package for SGI fonts
t1lib-5.1.2: Library for generating bitmaps from Adobe Type 1 fonts
t1utils-1.34: Utility programs for dealing with Postscript Type 1 font files
terminus-font-4.20: Clean fixed width font
tex-uhc-fonts-base-1.0nb2: Base UHC fonts for HLaTeX
tex-uhc-fonts-extra-1.0nb2: Extra UHC fonts for HLaTeX
tex-unttf- TeX fonts based on Un fonts
thaixfonts-1.1.3: Various X11 Thai fonts in tis-620 encoding
ttf2pk-1.5: TrueType to TeX PK font converter
ttf2pt1-3.4.4nb3: TrueType font converter to Postscript type 1
ttftot42-0.3.1nb2: TrueType font to Type 42 converter
ttmkfdir2-20021109nb3: Tool that creates a fonts.scale file
type1inst-0.6.1nb1: Automatically generate fonts.scale/fonts.dir for Type1 fonts
un-core-ttf-1.0nb2: Core set of Un Korean TrueType fonts
un-extra-ttf-1.0.1nb2: Extra set of Un Korean TrueType fonts
vera-ttf-1.10nb4: Bitstream Vera TrueType fonts
vfontcap-kochi-0.0nb3: Configuration file for VFlib to use kochi-ttf
vlgothic-ttf-20080327: Free Japanese TrueType fonts named 'VLGothic'
watanabe-vfont-19930318: Watanabe-vector Japanese font
xmbdfed-4.5nb2: Motif-based BDF font editor with lots of features

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