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The NetBSD Packages Collection: graphics

"graphics" ディレクトリー

Graphics tools and libraries

このディレクトリに含まれる 343 パッケージの一行コメント:

3DKit-0.3.1r2nb13: Objective-C 3D graphics foundation class library
CRWInfo-0.2: Extracts exposure information and thumbnails from Canon RAW files
Cenon-3.83nb1: Vector graphics / CAD / DTP program
Coin-2.4.4nb3: Free, portable, Open Inventor API implementation
GLXKit-0.3.1r2nb12: 3DKit GLX backend
GMT-4.1.4nb1: Generic Mapping Tools
GUIlib-1.1.0nb7: Very simple GUI framework library
GeometryKit-0.3.1r2nb12: Objective-C class library for calculating 3D geometry
GlutKit-0.3.1r2nb14: 3DKit GLUT backend
GraphicsMagick-1.2.3: X application for displaying and manipulating images
ImageMagick- Package for display and interactive manipulation of images
ImageViewer-0.6.3nb5: GNUstep image display application
Mesa- Graphics library meta package, similar to SGI's OpenGL
MesaDemos-7.0.3: OpenGL examples and Demos
MesaLib- Graphics library similar to SGI's OpenGL
Ngraph-6.3.30nb2: 2Dグラフとデータ分析プログラム
OpenRM-1.5.2nb3: The OpenRM Scene Graph API
PanoTools-2.6b1nb3: View, create, edit, and remap panoramic images
RenderKit-0.3.1r2nb12: Objective-C API for core scene rendering
SDLKit-0.3.1r2nb17: 3DKit SDL backend
SDL_image-1.2.6nb2: Load images as SDL surfaces
TiffIO-1.2.0enb1: Tiff support for QT image loader
aalib- ASCII Art library
agg-2.5: High Quality Rendering Engine for C++
aqsis-0.6.4nb6: Renderman clone
artist-1.2.6nb1: Elisp drawing package with mouse and keyboard support
autotrace-0.31.1nb8: Convert bitmap to vector graphics
aview- ASCII Art image viewer
barcode-0.98: Create bar codes as EPS (program and library)
bktr2jpeg-1.0nb1: Write jpeg image captured from /dev/bktr to file
blender-2.45nb2: Fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite
blender-doc-20030922nb1: Documentation for Blender
blinkenthemes-0.8nb5: Blinkenlights simulator themes
blinkentools-2.2nb5: Blinkenlights movies tools collection
cairo-1.6.4nb2: Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
cairomm-1.6.0: C++ API for cairo
cal3d-0.9.1nb2: Skeletal based 3d character animation library in C++
cal3d-examples-0.9.1nb2: Tools and demos for cal3d library
cambevao-2.2nb3: Grabs images as jpg from bktr and ov511+ based USB webcams
camediaplay-20010211: Epson/Sanyo/Olympus/Agfa 製カメラ用デジタルカメラダウンロードツール
camlimages-2.2.0nb5: Image processing library for Objective Caml
cdlabelgen-3.6.0: CDのラベル用のpostscriptを生成する
cinepaint-0.21.2nb1: Motion picture painting and image retouching program
claraocr-0.9.9nb1: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program for books
cnxtview-0.00anb3: Creative WEBCAM Notebook Utility Programs
comix-3.6.4nb2: Image viewer specifically designed to handle comic books
compface-1.5.2nb1: 48x48x1 image compression and decompression (X-face utility)
cpia2view-0.03nb4: USB cameras based CPiA2 Utility Programs
cqcam-0.91: Free Color QuickCam control program
dcraw-8.82: Raw digital camera decoder
denemo-0.7.6: GUI musical score editor written in C/GTK+
dia-0.96.1nb2: Program for creating diagrams of all kinds
dia-python-0.96.1nb1: Program for creating diagrams of all kinds (Python plugin)
digikam-0.9.3nb2: Advanced digital photo management application for KDE
digikam-doc-0.9.1nb3: Documentation for Digikam
djview4-4.2.2: Portable DjVu viewer and browser plugin
djvulibre-lib-3.5.19: Compression library for scanned documents
djvulibre-tools-3.5.19: Compression library for scanned documents
dx-4.4.4nb1: オープンな視覚化データエクスプローラー
dxsamples-4.4.0: オープンな視覚化データエクスプローラー用サンプルデータ
eog-2.22.2: Eye of GNOME: an image viewing and cataloging program
epeg-0.9.0: Fast JPEG scaling library for thumbnail generation
ewipe-1.2.0: Presentation editor and viewer based on Tcl/Tk
exif-0.6.15: Grab Exif information from digital camera images
exifprobe-2.0.1: EXIF data extractor
exiftags-1.01: Utility to read Exif tags from a digital camera JPEG file
exiv2-0.17: Image metadata manipulation
f4l-0.2.1: Development environment for Macromedia Flash
fbm-1.2: Fuzzy Pixmap Manipulation utilities
feh-1.3.4nb3: Advanced image viewer
flphoto-1.2nb6: Image management and display program
fly-1.6.5nb8: Command-file interface for creating and modifying PNG images
fnlib-0.5nb10: Color font rendering library for X11R6
fotox-34: Simple image manipulation program
freeglut-2.2.0nb3: Alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) library
freetype-1.5: FreeType libraries and utilities
freetype-lib-1.5: TrueType font rendering engine and library API
freetype-utils-1.5: Utilities for manipulating TrueType fonts
freetype2-2.3.5: Font rendering engine and library API
fujiplay-1.33nb1: Fujifilm デジタルカメラから写真をダウンロードする
g2-0.50: Powerful, easy to use 2D graphics library
g3d-0.0.2nb6: 3Dモデリングのビューアーを持った3Dモデラー
gd-2.0.35: Graphics library for the dynamic creation of images
gdchart-0.11.5nb2: Easy to use, fast C API for creating charts and graphs
gdk-pixbuf-0.22.0nb9: GNOME イメージロードライブラリ
geomview-1.8.1nb6: Interactive geometry viewing program
get_ds7-1.2.4nb1: FUJIFILM DS-7(DSシリーズ)デジタルカメラから写真を読み込む
gfract-0.32nb2: Gtk-based fractal program
gif2png-2.5.1nb2: GIFファイルをPNGに変換する
gif320-3.3: VT-320ターミナル用としてのGIFファイルビューアー
gifsicle-1.41nb1: Create, edit, and inspect GIFs from shell
giftrans-1.12.2: Manipulate GIF89a images' transparency, comment and other data
gimageview-0.2.27nb15: GTK+ based image viewer with tabbed browsing
gimp-2.4.6: The GNU image manipulation program
gimp-color-manager-0.1.0nb14: Gimp Color Manager plugin
gimp-docs-2.4.0: Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-fix-ca-3.0.1nb2: GIMP plugin to correct chromatic aberration (CA)
gimp-liquid-rescale- Content-aware image resizing plugin for the GIMP
gimp-rawphoto-1.19nb14: Digicam RAW file importer for GIMP
gimp-refocus-it-2.0.0nb14: Refocus images
gimp-ufraw-0.13nb3: GIMP plug-in for raw digicam import
gimp-warp-sharp-1.4nb3: Image sharpening script for GIMP
gimp-1.2.5nb1: GNU Image Manipulation Program
gimp-base-1.2.5nb7: GNU Image Manipulation Program (base)
gimp-data-1.2nb7: GNU Image Manipulation Program (extra brushes and patterns)
gimp-wideangle-0.4nb5: GIMP plugin for wideangle lens distortions
gimp2-wideangle-1.0nb14: GIMP plugin for wideangle lens distortions
giram-0.3.5nb7: Giram is Really A Modeller. 3Dモデラー
gle-3.1.0nb2: GL subroutines for drawing tubing and extrusions
glew-1.3.4: OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
glitz-0.5.6nb2: OpenGL 2D graphics library and a backend for gl output in cairo
gliv-1.9.6: OpenGL image viewer
glu- GLU polygon tessellation facility for Mesa
glut- GLUT Graphics library similar to SGI's OpenGL
glx-utils-7.0.3: OpenGL glxgears and glxinfo
gmngview-1.0.10: Simple GTK-based MNG viewer
gnome-backgrounds-2.20.0: Set of background images for the GNOME Desktop
gnome-icon-theme-2.22.0: Theme consisting of a set of icons for GNOME
gnuplot-4.2.3: Portable interactive, function plotting utility
gnuplot-nox11-4.2.3: Portable interactive, function plotting utility
gocr-0.40nb2: GOCR is a set of OCR tools
gphoto-0.4.3nb9: いろいろなデジタルカメラからファイルをダウンロードして閲覧する
gphoto2-2.4.1: Digital camera access command line client
gqview-2.0.4: GTK2-based graphic file viewer
gqview-2.1.5nb1: GTK2-based graphic file viewer (development version)
gqview-1.2.2nb4: GTK1-based graphic file viewer
grap-1.41nb1: Language for typesetting graphs
graphviz-2.16.1nb2: Graph Drawing Programs from AT\&T Research and Lucent Bell Labs
gri-2.12.5nb3: Language for scientific graphics applications
gst-plugins0.10-cairo-0.10.8: Open source multimedia framework - cairo plugin
gst-plugins0.10-png-0.10.8: Open source multimedia framework - png plugin
gst-plugins0.8-opengl-0.8.11nb5: Open source multimedia framework - opengl plugin
gst-plugins0.8-png-0.8.11nb6: Open source multimedia framework - png plugin
gthumb-2.10.8nb1: Image viewer and browser for the GNOME Desktop
gtkam-0.1.15: Digital camera access graphical client (GTK2)
gtkglext-1.2.0nb2: OpenGL extension to GTK
gtksee-0.5.6nb3: Gtk-based image viewing and cataloging program
guile-cairo-1.4.0: Guile wrapper for cairo
gwenview-1.4.2: Image viewer for KDE whose aims are ease of use and speed
gwenview-i18n-1.4.2: Translations for gwenview image viewer
h5utils-1.10: Utilities for conversion from/to HDF5
Hermes-1.3.3nb2: Library for conversion of pixel graphics
hicolor-icon-theme-0.10nb1: Standard icon theme called hicolor
hp2xx-3.4.4nb6: いくつかのベクター、ラスターフォーマットのHPGLコンバータ X11用プレビューアー
iGMT-1.2nb5: Interactive Mapping of Geoscientific Datasets
icon-naming-utils-0.8.6: Adapts GNOME and KDE icon names to the Icon Naming Specification
ilmbase-1.0.1: High dynamic-range (HDR) image file format library and tools
imlib-1.9.15nb4: Image manipulation library for X11
imlib2-1.4.0nb2: Image manipulation library
impress-1.1b9nb3: WYSIWYG vector graphics application
inkscape-0.46nb2: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) editor
ivtools-1.2.4nb3: Drawing editors for PostScript, TeX, and web graphics
jasper-1.900.1nb2: Software-based reference implementation of the JPEG-2000 codec
jhead-2.4: Extract EXIF header from JPEG image
jpeg-6bnb4: IJG's jpeg compression utilities
jpeg2ps-1.9: Convert jpeg images to PostScript level 2 or 3
jpeg_ls-2.2: JPEG-LS codec (lossless/near-lossless codec)
jpeginfo-1.6.0nb1: Generates informative listings from JPEG files
jpegoptim-1.2.2nb1: JPEG optimizer
jpegpixi-1.1.1: Low-loss JPEG interpolator to remove bad pixels
kbarcode-2.0.5nb5: KDE barcode and label printing application
kdegraphics-3.5.9: Graphics programs for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kipi-plugins-0.1.4nb7: Kipi (KDE Image Plugin Interface) plugins
kipi-plugins-calendar-0.1.4: Kipi calendar plugin
koverartist-0.5nb3: CD/DVD case designer
kphotoalbum-3.1.0: Image organizer
kphotobook-0.0.6nb9: Powerful, intuitive KDE application to manage and organize your photos
kphotools-0.2.1nb11: KDE app which helps you creating fast online photo galleries in HTML
lcms-1.17: Light Color Management System -- a color management library
lib3ds-1.2.0nb5: 3D Studio File Format Library
libart-2.3.20: High-performance 2D graphics library
libcaca-0.9nb1: Graphics library that outputs text instead of pixels, in colour
libexif-0.6.16: EXIF file library
libexif-gtk-0.3.5nb4: EXIF file library (GTK2 interface)
libgdiplus-1.9: Implementation of the GDI+ API
libggi-2.1.1nb2: 融通の効く描画ライブラリー(General Graphics Interface library)
libggigcp-0.9.1nb1: Color management extension for GGI
libggimisc-2.1.1nb1: Miscellaneous graphics target features for GGI
libggiwmh-0.2.1nb1: Windows Manager hints library for GGI
libgii-0.9.1nb3: 全ての入力可能なソースのためのAPI(General Input Interface)
libgiigic-1.0.0nb1: General Input Configurator for GGI
libgnomecanvas- GNOME Canvas library
libgnomecanvasmm-2.22.0: C++ bindings for libgnomecanvas
libkdcraw-0.1.3nb1: C++ interface around dcraw
libkexif-0.2.5nb4: Image EXIF information library manipulation
libkexiv2-0.1.6nb2: KDE wrapper for exiv2
libkipi-0.1.5nb5: KDE Image Plugin Interface
liblqr- Content-aware image resizing library
libotf-0.9.7: Library for handling OpenType fonts (OTF)
librsvg-2.22.2: SVG library for GNOME2
libscigraphica-2.1.1nb1: Scientific data visualization and analysis library
libungif-4.1.4nb1: GIFイメージ用に使うツール、およびライブラリルーチン
libvideogfx-1.0.3nb3: C++ library for low-level video processing
libwmf- Library for reading and converting WMF (Windows Meta Files)
ljpg-1.0: Lossless JPEG codec
lprof-1.10.1nb8: ICC Profile generation tool (for IT8.7 targets)
magicpoint-1.10anb11: X11 based presentation tool
MayaVi-1.5nb3: Scientific data visualizer written in Python
metacam-1.2nb1: Digital camera image meta-information reader
mgl-0.2.0anb4: Graphics library for NEC Mobilegear/PocketBSD, NetBSD/hpcmips
mng-1.0.10: Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) reference library
mpeg2codec-1.2nb1: MPEG Software Simulation Group's MPEG-2 Encoder and Decoder
mpgtx-1.3.1: Split and join MPEG files in various ways
ncview-1.92dnb2: Visual browser for netCDF format files
netpbm-10.34nb1: Toolkit for conversion of images between different formats
ns-cult3d-5.2nb1: Netscape plugin for cult 3d files
nvtv-0.4.7nb3: Tool to manipulate TV-Out settings on NVidia cards
nvtv-gtk2-0.4.7nb4: Tool to manipulate TV-Out settings on NVidia cards
ocrad-0.13: GNU OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program
opencv-1.0.0nb2: Library for computer vision problems
opendis-0.0.3: Download images from Flashpoint Digita-based cameras
openexr-1.6.1: High dynamic-range (HDR) image file format library and tools
optipng-0.5.5: Advanced PNG Optimizer
ov519view-0.00nb4: USB cameras based OV519 Utility Programs
p5-Chart-2.4.1: Perl5 charting library
p5-Chart-ThreeD-0.01nb4: Three-Dimentional pie chart plotting
p5-GD-2.35: Gdグラフィックライブラリーへのインターフェース
p5-GD-Graph-sparklines-0.2: Perl module for creating sparklines
p5-GD-SVG-0.28: Enables SVG output from scripts written using GD
p5-GDGraph-1.44: GDGraph is a package to generate charts, using Lincoln Stein's GD.pm
p5-GDGraph3d-0.56nb3: GDGraph3d is a pkg to generate charts, using Lincoln Stein's GD.pm
p5-GDTextUtil-0.86nb3: Perl 5 text utilities for use with the GD drawing package
p5-GIFgraph-1.20nb5: GIFgraph is a package to generate graphs, using GD::Graph
p5-Gdk-Imlib-0.7009nb4: Perl bindings for Imlib
p5-Gdk-Pixbuf-0.7009nb12: Perl5 Gtk::Gdk::Pixbuf
p5-GraphViz-2.02nb4: Perl interface to the Graphviz tools set
p5-Image-ExifTool-7.30: Perl module and program to read EXIF information
p5-Image-Imlib2-1.04nb3: Interface to the Imlib2 image library
p5-Image-Info-1.28: Perl module to extract meta information from images
p5-Image-Size-2.992nb2: いくつかの良く使われるフォーマットでのイメージサイズを調べる
p5-PerlMagick- Object-oriented Perl interface to ImageMagick
p5-RRDTool-OO-0.14: Object-oriented interface to RRDTool
p5-SVG-2.36: Perl module for generation of SVG images
SWF-File-0.22nb2: Manipulating Flash movie (SWF) files
p5-Template-GD-2.66: GD plugin(s) for the Template Toolkit
p5-cairo-1.060: Perl bindings to the cairo graphics library
pdiff-1.0.1: Image comparison through perceptually based image metric
php5-pear-Image_Canvas-0.2.4nb1: Common interface to image drawing, making image source code
php5-pear-Image_Color-1.0.2nb1: Manage and handles color data and conversions
php5-pear-Image_Graph-0.3.0dev4nb1: Package for displaying (numerical) data as a graph/chart/plot
pgraf-20010131nb1: Portable graphics system
photopc-3.04: デジタルスチルカメラを操作する
php5-exif-5.2.6nb1: PHP extension to extract information from EXIF headers
php5-gd-5.2.6: PHP extension for GD graphics library
php5-jpgraph-1.18: Object Oriented class library for PHP
phpsview-9.0.2nb2: Philips USB Cameras Utilities
pixieplus-0.5.4nb17: Free, fast, and feature packed image browser for KDE
pixmap-2.6.4nb5: Pixmap editor based on XPM library
ploticus-2.31pl4nb3: 多目的データ視覚化エンジン
ploticus-examples-1.41nb1: Examples for the ploticus data plotting suite
plotmtv-1.4.1nb2: Multipurpose X11 plotting program
plotutils-2.4.1nb5: Programs and library for plotting scientific data
plotutils-nox11-2.4.1nb2: Programs and library for plotting scientific data
png-1.2.29: Library for manipulating PNG images
png2html-1.1nb6: Takes a PNG image and transforms it to a web page
pngcheck-2.2.0: Verify the integrity of PNG, JNG, and MNG files
pngcrush-1.6.4: PNG(Portable Network Graphics)ファイル用オプティマイザー
pornview-0.2.0pre1nb2: GTK+ image viewer
potrace-1.8: Utility for transforming bitmaps into vector graphics
povray-3.6.1nb5: Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer
ppmtoxvpic-0.99.9nb6: Convert PPM image to preview pic readable by xv and gimp
prag-1.0.2: Replacement to "grap" graph generator backend to pic
ps2eps-1.64: Tool for generating EPS Format files from one-page PS documents
pstoedit-3.41nb2: Convert PostScript / PDF into various vector graphic formats
py24-OpenGL-3.0.0a6: Pyhton bindings for OpenGL
py24-biggles-1.6.3nb3: Python module for creating 2D scientific plots
py24-cairo-1.4.12: Python bindings for cairo
py24-gd-1.3nb8: gdのPythonインターフェース
py24-gdchart-0.6nb5: Python interface to GDChart
py24-gnuplot-1.7nb1: Python package that interfaces to gnuplot
py24-pygtkglext-1.1.0nb1: Python bindings for gtkglext
py24-imaging-1.1.6: PIL, the Python Imaging Library
py24-imagingtk-1.1.6: Tk support for the Python Imaging Library (PIL)
py24-matplotlib-0.87.2nb3: Matlab-style plotting package for Python
py24-matplotlib-gtk-0.87.2nb2: GTK frontend for matplotlib
py24-piddle-1.0.15nb2: Python Plug In Drawing, Does Little Else
qcamview-0.4nb3: Logitech Quickcam Express USB Utilities
qiv-2.0nb2: Quick image viewer
qvplay-0.94: カシオQVデジタルカメラ使用するためのソフトウェア
ruby18-rabbit-0.5.5nb3: Application to do presentation with RD document
radiance-3.6.1nb3: Physically-based, image-generating, backward raytracer
rayshade-4.0nb3: Extensible system for creating ray-traced images
refocus-it-2.0.0nb3: Refocus images
resize_image-0.6nb2: Fast image resizing tool
ruby18-RMagick-2.3.0nb1: Ruby binding to ImageMagick
ruby18-color-1.4.0: Color value conversion and manipulation library
ruby18-gd- Ruby extension to drive the GD library
ruby18-gnome2-gdkpixbuf-0.16.0nb1: Ruby binding of GdkPixbuf-2.x
ruby18-gnome2-gnomecanvas-0.16.0nb1: Ruby binding of GnomeCanvas-2.x
ruby18-gnome2-libart-0.16.0nb1: Ruby binding of Libart_lgpl
ruby18-gnome2-rsvg-0.16.0nb7: Ruby binding of librsvg
ruby18-gnuplot-2.2nb1: Ruby interface to a gnuplot process
ruby18-imlib2-0.5.2nb5: Imlib2 bindings for Ruby
ruby18-mini-magick-1.2.3: Ruby wrapper for ImageMagick command line
ruby18-opengl-0.60.0: Ruby bindings for OpenGL, GLU and GLUT
ruby18-rcairo-1.6.1: Ruby bindings for cairo
s10sh-0.2.0nb1: USB/serial userspace driver for Canon PowerShot cameras
sane-backends-1.0.19: API for access to scanners, digital cameras, frame grabbers etc.
sane-frontends-1.0.14nb5: Frontends for access to scanners, digital cameras, frame grabbers etc
scigraphica-2.1.0nb1: Data analysis and technical graphics
scrot-0.8nb8: Commandline screen capture util like "import", but using imlib2
showimg-0.9.5nb5: Feature-rich image viewer for KDE including an image management system
simage-1.6.1nb4: Library for image format loaders and front-ends
skencil-0.6.17nb2: Interactive drawing program
snx101util-0.2nb3: USB Webcam based sonix SN9C101 chip Utility Programs
spcaview-0.6b: USB Cameras based SPCA5xx Utilities
tesseract-2.03: Commercial quality open source OCR engine
tgif-4.1.45: Fully-featured X11 drawing program
tiff-3.8.2nb3: Library and tools for reading and writing TIFF data files
tkpiechart-5.4nb1: TclによるTcl/Tk 円グラフユーティリティー
tuxpaint-0.9.17nb5: Drawing program for small children
tuxpaint-config-0.0.8: Configuration program for tuxpaint
tuxpaint-stamps-2007.07.01: Rubber stamps for Tux Paint
urt-3.1b1nb8: Toolkit and library for raster image processing
vcg-1.30nb1: Visualization Tool for compiler graphs
veusz-0.10: Scientific plotting package
vid-1.0.1nb6: Simple-minded image capture program for some USB webcams
viewfax-2.4nb2: X Window SystemでFAXファイルを表示するためのツール
vnc2swf-0.5.0nb2: Record vnc session as flash movie
vp-1.5nb7: Image viewer
vtk-4.2.6nb5: Visualization toolkit
vtk-data-4.2nb1: Example data for VTK
vtk-docs-4.2: Documentation for VTK (HTML)
vtk-python-4.2.6nb3: Python wrapper libraries for vtk; see vtk package for details
wmphoto-0.3anb1: Dock-app that can show you a photo
wxsvg-1.0beta6nb1: C++ library to create, manipulate and render SVG files
x11rec-0.3nb6: Very ad hoc X11 recorder which create a movie
xart-19980415nb10: xpaintを拡張したペイントプログラム
xbmbrowser-5.1nb3: View complete directories of X bitmaps and X pixmaps
xdvipresent- Slide Presentations Using LaTeX/xdvi
xfce4-icon-theme-4.4.2: Xfce icon themes
xfig-3.2.5alpha5nb6: CAD-like 2D drawing tool, good for colorful scale drawings \& ISOs
xgraph- Tool to draw a graph on an X11 display
xli-1.17.0nb7: X11 Image Loading Utility
xmorph-20060817nb2: X program for image warping and dissolving
xpaint- Simple paint program
xplot- Plotting program, most often used in conjunction with tcptrace
xplot-0.90.8nb1: Plotting program (development snapshot)
xpm-3.4knb7: The X Pixmap library
xsane-0.99.4nb7: SANE (Scanner Access NowEasy)用gtkベースのX11フロントエンド
xv-3.10anb13: X11 program that displays images of various formats
xzgv- Image viewer
zphoto-1.2nb1: Flash-based photo album generator

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