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The NetBSD Packages Collection: multimedia

"multimedia" ディレクトリー

Multimedia utilities

このディレクトリに含まれる 121 パッケージの一行コメント:

RealPlayerGold- Real Audio and Video Player
acidrip-0.14nb4: Gtk2::Perl application for ripping and encoding DVDs
alevt-1.6.1: Teletext decoder and browser for Brooktree 848 compatible TV cards
avidemux-2.4.1nb1: Graphical video editing program
bsdav-1.4: BSD Audio/Video library and tools
dirac-0.2.0: Open-source video codec designed at the BBC
divxplayer-0.2.0nb3: DivX(TM) Video Player for Linux from DivX.com
dumpmpeg-0.6nb7: Splits an MPEG stream into single images
dvd-slideshow-0.7.5nb4: Script that creates a slideshow-style DVD with some simple menus
dvdauthor-0.6.14: Tools to assist DVD authoring
dvdbackup-0.1.1nb4: DVD backup utility
dvdrip-0.98.8nb2: Graphical frontend for DVD ripping
DVDStyler-1.5.1: Crossplatform DVD Authoring System
dvdview-1.2.2nb4: Software only MPEG-1/2 video decoder
ffmpeg-0.4.9pre1nb3: MPEG decoding, encoding and streaming software
ffmpeg-devel-20071004: MPEG decoding, encoding and streaming software
flashplayer-0.4.10nb4: Standalone open source Flash(tm) player
fxtv-1.03nb12: TV display application for Brooktree 848 compatible TV cards
ggrab-0.22a: Server for recording video streams from dream dvb-receivers
gmencoder-0.1.0nb24: GNOME2 frontend to mencoder
gmplayer-1.0rc10nb5: Software only MPEG-1/2/4 video decoder with a GTK+ interface
gnash-0.8.2nb1: GPL Flash movie player
gnome-media-2.22.0: Set of audio/multimedia applications for GNOME2
goggles-0.9.1: Easy to use frontend for Ogle DVD Player
gopchop-1.1.7nb6: MPEG2 GOP-accurate editor
gst-plugins0.10-bad-0.10.7: Open source multimedia framework - bad plugins
gst-plugins0.10-base-0.10.19: Open source multimedia framework - base plugins
gst-plugins0.10-dvdread-0.10.8: Open source multimedia framework - dvdread plugin
gst-ffmpeg-0.10.3: ffmpeg plugin for gstreamer
gst-gnonlin-0.10.9: Non-linear editing components for gstreamer
gst-plugins0.10-good-0.10.8: Open source multimedia framework - good plugins
gst-plugins0.10-mpeg2dec-0.10.8: Open source multimedia framework - mpeg2dec plugin
gst-plugins0.10-ogg-0.10.19: Open source multimedia framework - ogg plugin
gst-plugins0.10-theora-0.10.19: Open source multimedia framework - theora plugin
gst-plugins0.10-ugly-0.10.8: Open source multimedia framework - ugly plugins
gst-plugins0.10-x264-0.10.7: Open source multimedia framework - x264 plugin
gst-plugins0.10-xvid-0.10.7: Open source multimedia framework - xvid plugin
gst-plugins0.8-0.8.11nb10: Open source multimedia framework - base plugins
gst-plugins0.8-dvdnav-0.8.11nb5: Open source multimedia framework - dvdnav plugin
gst-plugins0.8-dvdread-0.8.11nb5: Open source multimedia framework - dvdread plugin
gst-plugins0.8-mpeg2dec-0.8.11nb6: Open source multimedia framework - mpeg2dec plugin
gst-plugins0.8-ogg-0.8.11nb5: Open source multimedia framework - ogg plugin
gst-plugins0.8-theora-0.8.11nb5: Open source multimedia framework - theora plugin
gst-plugins0.8-xvid-0.8.11nb5: Open source multimedia framework - xvid plugin
gstreamer0.10-0.10.19: Open source multimedia framework
gstreamer0.8-0.8.11nb11: Open source multimedia framework
gtranscode-0.3nb1: GTK+ GUI front-end for transcode
gxine-0.5.11nb1: Gtk-based media player
kaffeine-0.8.3nb7: Full featured Multimedia-Player for KDE
kdemultimedia-3.5.9: Multimedia tools for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kmplayer-0.9.4anb3: KDE frontend to mplayer
libassetml-1.2.1nb1: Library for sharing image and audio files between projects
libdv-0.104nb2: DV video codec library
libdv-tools-0.104nb1: DV video codec library (standalone tools)
libdvbpsi-0.1.3nb2: PSI decoder and generator library for MPEG2 and DVB streams
libdvdcss-1.2.9: Simple library designed for accessing DVDs
libdvdnav-0.1.10nb1: Library to navigate DVDs
libdvdplay-1.0.1nb3: Simple API library designed for DVD navigation
libdvdread-0.9.7: DVD access library, primarily used in Ogle
libflash-0.4.10nb6: Open source Flash(tm) library
libflashsupport-1.0.2098nb1: Additional Interface Support for Linux Flash Player
libmatroska-0.8.1: Extensible open standard Audio/Video container format
libmp4v2-1.6.1nb1: libmp4v2 from mpeg4ip
libmpeg2-0.4.1nb1: Library for decoding mpeg-2 and mpeg-1 video streams
libmpeg3-1.7: MPEG decoding library
libnms-0.6.0: Open Media Streaming Client Library
libogg-1.1.3: Ogg project codecs library
libtheora-1.0beta3: Video codec for Ogg multimedia streaming
lsdvd-0.16nb3: Application displaying the contents of DVDs
mediatomb-0.11.0: UPnP MediaServer with a web user interface
mencoder-1.0rc10nb2: Simple movie encoder for MPlayer-playable movies
ming-0.3.0nb1: Create SWF (Macromedia Flash) files with this library
mjpegtools-1.8.0nb6: Programs for compressing video streams
mkvtoolnix-1.7.0nb2: Set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files
mmg-1.7.0: MKVtoolnix mkvmerge GUI
mpeg-1.3.1nb1: Library for decoding MPEG movies
mpeg4ip- Tools for streaming video and audio
mpeg_encode-1.5bnb4: The Parallel Berkeley MPEG Encoder
mpeg_play-2.4patchednb2: Program to play mpeg movies on X displays
mplayer-1.0rc10nb7: Software-only MPEG-1/2/4 video decoder
mplayer-plugin-firefox-3.50: Mplayer plug-in for firefox
mplayer-plugin-firefox-gtk1-3.50nb3: Mplayer plug-in for firefox-gtk1
mplayer-plugin-seamonkey-3.50: Mplayer plug-in for seamonkey
mplayer-plugin-seamonkey-gtk1-3.50: Mplayer plug-in for seamonkey-gtk1
mplayer-share-1.0rc10: Documentation used by mplayer and gmplayer
ns-flash-9.0.124: MacroMedia Flash Player Netscape plugin
ogle-0.9.2nb3: DVD player with menus
ogle_gui-0.9.2nb8: GUI for the Ogle DVD player
ogmtools-1.5nb1: Ogg Media files manipulation tools
openquicktime-1.0nb5: Portable library for handling QuickTime(TM) media files
p5-xmltv-0.5.45nb1: Set of utilities to manage your TV viewing
php5-ming-5.2.6: PHP extension for Ming library
gst-python-0.10.11: Python bindings for gstreamer0.10
py24-ming-0.3.0: Python bindings for Ming library
realplayer-codecs-8.20050115nb1: RealPlayer 8 shared libraries, primarily for use with MPlayer
regionset-0.1: Read and modify DVD drive region code
replex- Remultiplexes transport streams from a DVB source
ruby18-ming-0.1.8: Ruby extension to drive the Ming SWF library
smpeg-0.4.4nb14: SDL MPEG Player Library
smpeg-xmms-0.3.5nb8: MPEG video plugin using SDL/smpeg as the backend
subtitleeditor-0.13.6nb2: GTK+2 tool to edit movie subtitles
swfdec-0.2.2nb8: Library for rendering Flash(R) animations and games
swfdec-gtk2-0.2.2nb10: Library for rendering Flash(R) animations and games (GTK2 modules)
totem-2.22.2: Movie player for the GNOME Desktop (using GStreamer)
totem-nautilus-2.22.2: Movie player for the GNOME Desktop
totem-pl-parser-2.22.3: totem playlist parser
totem-xine-2.22.2: Movie player for the GNOME Desktop (using Xine)
transcode-1.0.5nb1: Command line video-stream processing tool
vlc-0.8.6fnb1: VideoLAN Client
vlc-0.7.2nb19: VideoLAN Client
vls-0.5.6nb2: VideoLAN Server
win32-codecs-071007: Huge compilation of Win32 binary codecs
x264-devel-20071218nb2: GPL licensed H.264 encoder
xanim-2.92.0nb2: Play most popular animation formats and show pictures
xawtv-3.95nb3: TV application for Brooktree 848 compatible cards
xfce4-mpc-plugin-0.3.2: Xfce Music Player Client plugin
xfmedia-0.9.2: Xfce media player based on xine
xine-lib-1.1.12nb2: Multimedia player library
xine-ui-0.99.5nb2: Skinned xlib-based xine GUI
xvid4conf-1.12nb4: XviD Configuration Panel
xvidcore-1.1.3: ISO MPEG-4 compliant video codec

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