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Supports the page parser in building a control and the child controls it contains.

H*u g'e N e+w s To Impa,ct C-Y-T,V 

Chin_a Yo,uTV C-o_r.p . 
S ymbol: C+Y+T,V 

We h*a*v'e al ready s+e-e'n C YTV's marke t impa_ct befo*re cli*mbi ng to o v_e,r $2.0*0 w'i,t'h n-e_w s-. 
Pre,ss Rele'ase: 
C*hina YouTV*'s C,nBoo W.e'b S_i.t,e Ran'ks N*o .*1 on Micr_,osoft L_i+v-e Sea*rch Engin,e 

Cn-Boo Traffi'c I'ncr eases 4'9+% O_v*e.r T.w-o Month_s 

R e+a-d t*h+e news , thin,k ab.out t h+e imp_act, and
j.u_m'p on t.h.i,s firs+t thin*g T_omor-row mo._rning!  $0.4*2 is a g'i*f't at t.h-i+s price*+..... 

Do y+o+u r homew or.k a.n+d wa tch t h_i+s t_rade Mo.nday morning.. 

T+h-e re-+mainder of t h.e identif*_ier m'u.s,t be consid*'ered case -sensi-tve. 
A.L_L t-h.e e*ating pla.ces w e_r_e clo.sed at t*h.a_t t i'm+e of t.h-e nig,ht a-n-d it w'a*s a l o n+g r i,d-e i+n+t+o t o.w,n . 

We wa tched h'i.m trave+l slowl-y inwar*d, t.hrea-ding abo ut a-mong t_h_e har,ems al_ong w+h,a,t m-u s t h a-v+e b.e*e+n t.h,e p+a*t.h+. 

T.h.e f+rame di s,posal me'thod spe.cifie_s wheth*er to discar.d t h+e cur,rent fra'me befor.e displayi_*ng t,h*e n.e-x.t f*rame. 

My h+eart poun.ds t*i*l l I cou-ld n'o.t h-e.a.r t h_e wo-rld c-rack a_part.