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[pbsd-mg2] MIPS based PDA page in English.

Warner です。

にほんごがよみます。もーしわけございません、にほんごがかきません。 [*]

I have created a web page that tries to collect URLs from this list,
the linuxce list, and other sources relevant to technical information
on MIPS based PDAs.  Please look at the following URL and send me any
feedback you may have:
I'd like to include information on the Japanese models as well.  If
you can contribute models not on the list, please send me entries at
imp@village.org.  どーもありがとー。

Warner (ワナ)

P.S. I'm using wnn4+mule.  Is there a good english reference on how to 
write Japanese with this setup?

[*] I'm trying to say, "I can read Japanese.  I'm very sorry, but I
cannot write Japanese." in case I've said something else.  If I have,
please feel free to, in private mail, correct me, or suggest the
proper way to express my thoughts in Japanese.

Actually, what I'd like to say is "I can usually read Japanese with
some effort.  I'm sorry, but I write Japanese very poorly at this
time.  Also, I do not know how to create proper Kanji renderings of
what little Japanese I can write."