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Large European company is looking for Us employees.


O&V Brokerage, a customs house brokerage company providing brokerage services, customs consulting, forwarding and warehousing throughout Eastern Europe, is looking for an individual contractor to work as a part-time US Representative. Main responsibilities include processing payments from US based customers. Compensation is piece-rate, up to US$5,000 per month.

To be eligible, you must: 

+ be a United States citizen at least 18 years old;
+ have a PC with internet access;
+ have/open a bank account in any of the US banks (preferably in one of the Credit Union Banks) or have a PayPal/ePassporte account;

Time commitment is set at 2-3 hours a day. Please apply with a resume to: jangreggovbrokerage@gmail.com . It will be a great pleasure for me to answer all your questions related to the job and our company. 

Jan Gregg,
HR Manager
O&V Brokerage Sp. z o.o.