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FW: From Sue, Friday Phone Call

Hello this is Susan Balock, Assistant Manager with P.P. Bankcard Payments and Systems. I am contacting you this week because, our company is helping many businesses save 10-15% a year on their Visa and MasterCard Processing costs.

I was wondering, are you currently looking for a new Processing Company to get lower rates?

Our Processing rates are only:

1. 1.59% for all Visa and MasterCard.

2. Only 10 cents per transaction.

3. Only 4 cents per Batch.

4. Finally, there's just a $3.50 Monthly Maintenance Fee.
This will include your Monthly Processing Statements, 24 hour Live Customer Support, Free
Terminal Replacement and Maintenance, and your Own Personal Relationship Representative, who will check up on you twice a month to confirm everything is working properly.

There's no other fees, no Annual Fees, no Setup Fees, and no Reprogramming Fees.

If you currently do over $10,000 in Credit Card sales a month and are looking for a new Processing Company, send me an email with a great telephone number to reach you this week.

Have A Great Day,
Susan Balock
P.P. Bankcard Payments and Systems