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Re: ASCII pTeX 2.1.10 and its friends

From: SUNAGAWA Keiki <Keiki_SUNAGAWA@yokogawa.co.jp>
Subject: Re: ASCII pTeX 2.1.10 and its friends

> 現状で判明している問題点は以下の通りです。
> ○latex209がインストールされません。
> ○platexがJISになっています。


- pkgsrc を cvs update -d -P してから始めました

- texfamily-share は、/usr/pkgsrc/print/teTeX-bin/work/teTeX-1.0/tex 

../kpathsea/kpsewhich --progname=tex plain.tex cmr10.tfm >/dev/null || make prereq-lose >/dev/null
You seem to be missing input files necessary to make the
basic formats (some or all of: --progname=tex plain.tex cmr10.tfm).
Perhaps you've defined the default paths incorrectly, or
perhaps you have environment variables set pointing
to an incorrect location.  See ../kpathsea/BUGS.

If you simply do not have the files, you can
retrieve a minimal set of input files from
ftp://ftp.tug.org/tex/texklib.tar.gz, mirrored on
CTAN hosts in systems/web2c.
*** Error code 1


- texfamily は

/usr/bin/tar xzf  /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles/TeXfamily/dvipsk-jpatch-p1.5d.tar.gz  -C /usr/pkgsrc/kazu/texfamily/work
/usr/bin/sed -e "s|\EXMF/ptex/plain/||"  /usr/pkg/share/texmf.local/ptex/plain/base/ptex.tex >  /usr/pkgsrc/print/teTeX-bin/work/teTeX-1.0/texk/web2c/ptex-src-2.1.10/ptex.tex
sed: /usr/pkg/share/texmf.local/ptex/plain/base/ptex.tex: No such file or directory
*** Error code 1