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Re: ASCII pTeX 2.1.10 and its friends

SUNAGAWA Keiki <Keiki_SUNAGAWA@yokogawa.co.jp> wrote:

SUNAGAWA> そうですね。早とちりして申し訳ありません。直します
SUNAGAWA> ので、少々お待ちを。



# Used in TeXfamily package which depends on teTeX package to specify
# site-local texmf configuration.
# Since teTeX package uses ${PREFIX}/share/texmf directory, TeXfamily
# package uses ${PREFIX}/share/texmf.local.  Therefore, though you can
# use /usr/local/share/texmf as TEXMFSITE, it causes a conflict if you
# set ${PREFIX} to /usr/local.  Use another path in such a case.
# Possible: any valid path
# Default: none

SUNAGAWA Keiki <Keiki_SUNAGAWA@yokogawa.co.jp>