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pkgsrc BOF at Tokyo

Hi, all :)

Since Yamano-san who is pkgsrc on Mac OS X (Darwin) friend was back to Japan,
I want to arrange by pkgsrc BOF with his back congratulation at Tokyo.

I'm planning the enforcement in this month end (3/30(Sat) or 3/31(Sun)) of it.

Supposing you are interested, please send the mail shown below and join ML.

--- begin ---
To: pkgsrc-bof@quickml.com
Cc: {mail address of OGATA}
Subject: {any subject}
I'll go to {pkgsrc BOF, drinking}.
{with your pkgsrc topics is good :)}
--- end ---

Let's enjoy pkgsrc world :)
# Special thanks to http://www.quickml.com/ (Sorry Japanese only)

OGATA Hiroshi   <ogata@isp.qix.org>   BSD lover :)
                <cbug_ogata@mac.com>  Mac OS X lover too :)
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