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Re: canna upgrade

よろしかったら,以下を MESSAGE としてお使いください。

You may want to follow the steps below to have canna start automatically
at boot:

	1. cp ${PREFIX}/etc/rc.d/canna /etc/rc.d/
	2. add the following line to /etc/rc.conf

		canna=YES	canna_flags="-u daemon"

canna_flags="-u daemon" is not required, but recommended. Note that our
Canna package no longer uses setuid to make the server run as user "daemon",
owing to the implementation of -u option (3.6 and above). See cannaserver(1M).

Also note that by default cannaserver(1M) no longer allows connections through
tcp port 5680. You need to specify -inet option explicitly for this purpose.