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Re: W3m 0.5

On 04/04 17:01, Masao Uebayashi wrote:
> Hi.
> This's working for me.

I locally updated w3m to 0.5 as well.  But I left for 3 days, so I didn't
have a chance to test enough andcommit it.

> I'd want people to test.

It was working wonderfully for me.

> W3m has so many options that testing all
> combinations only by myself is hard.

And I think we ought to remove most of them.

The following are the ones that I think should be removed:
- W3M_USE_COLOR (configurable at runtime)
- W3M_USE_COOKIE (configurable at runtime)
- W3M_USE_IMAGE (not needed if we do our w3m-img package right)
- W3M_USE_MOUSE (configurable at runtime)
- W3M_USE_SSL (SSL is quite widespread, I don't see the need for an option)
- maybe W3M_USE_UNICODE (I removed it locally, but I can't remember why)