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Re: Getting rid of teTeX1

> > (1) dvi2ps は使わないで hoge を使う
> Makefile を付けておきますね。
> この質問に答えるのは、今月だけで 3 回目。web に貼るべきか?




You may want to use the following programs with ja-ptex meta-package
to Japanese pTeX/pLaTeX documents.

typeset TeX file:       ptex, platex
preview DVI file:       vfxdvi
get PS file:            pdvips
preview PS file:        gv (another package)
get PDF file:           dvipdfmx
preview PDF file:       gv, acroread, acroread5 (another package)

SUNAGAWA Keiki <kei_sun@ba2.so-net.ne.jp>