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FW: Trying To Reach You Monday

Good morning this is Barbara McDwight. I am contacting you because our firm is giving away our Free Shipping Optimization System and our On-Going Analyses to companies that spend over $100,000 a year in Shipping. 

Our services will reduce 3 areas of your Supply Chain by 30-45% a month for 36 months, including:
1. Shipping, including Small Parcel, LTL, TL, International, Mail Services, Ocean, Air, Rail, etc.
2. Inventory 
3. Warehousing 

We recover overpayments and reduce the costs of these areas going forward for 3 years. We also implement all our solutions and track the savings, so your staff can go on with normal day-to-day operations. We don't replace your current systems and departments, we just produce additional savings and reductions.

There's no cost for our services, we just use a small percentage of the savings and recoveries we generated for our investment. 

If you spend over $100,000 a year in Shipping, send me an email with a great time you would be available. I look forward to speaking with you this week. 

In Regards,
Barbara McDwight