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company based n Spain

EZ - Transfer Company is an asset management firm focused on the singular strategy of attempting to maximize realized
gains through the implementation of the EZ - Transfer Strategy. Based in Madrid, Spain EZ - Transfer Company is an
independently owned, licensed general securities broker/dealer and registered investment advisor. EZ - Transfer has
completed a large number of investments, mainly in the power energy sector but also in automotive production,
transportation services, food & beverage, construction materials, real estate, financial services, travel & entertainment
and light manufacturing.
Also one of the main services we provide is management of the international auction deals (as an intermediate party) at
www.ebay.com , www.auctions.yahoo.com , www.qxl.com , www.onlineauction.com , www.auctions.overstock.com ,
www.autorola.co.uk , www.gov-auctions.org and many others.

Careers available:

* Financial agent
Location: Worldwide
Employee Type: Part-Time

The major duty of the incumbent is to promptly receive and process payments/transfers and to forward them applying
specified method. Please enquire for detailed work scheme.

* Expert skill in managing payments and transfers between our company and clients.
* Knowledge of basic payment systems.
* Availability of spare time (3-4 hours per day).
* Advanced user ability to operate computer and to use Internet and e-mail.
* Legal age.
* Legal papers authorizing to work in the region you are located.
Salary basis: commissions in of 7% from each transaction instantly (to be raised after the 3 weeks trial period) plus
fixed monthly salary of $970.

* Flexible work schedule.
* Possibility to combine the job with primary employment.
* Free training course.
Please, include at least 1 recommendation letter with the resume. There is NO start up fees.

* Regional Manager
Location: USA, Israel, Russia, Wales, Holland, Canada, France
Employee Type: Full-Time

* 1-2 years experience in general business management.
* 1-2 years experience in accounting.
* Legal papers authorizing to work in the region you are located.
* Legal age.
Please, include at least 2 recommendation letters. There is NO start up fees.

If you are interested in this position please send us letter with "interested" title