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Error with email sent to The Prem Rawat Foundation

Dear tech-pkg-ja@jp.netbsd.org,

This is an automated email to inform you of an error with your recent email inquiry to our HelpDesk.

The error reported was:

The email message you sent to our HelpDesk did not contain a valid subject.

You did not enter your reply above the line suggested. This may be because your email account is set up to use an autoresponder. Please use an email address which does not have an autoresponder enabled.

When you reply, please ensure that you leave the subject line unedited and add your text above the line indicated.

If you wish to start a new ticket, please send an email to our HelpDesk at mailto:tprf.techsupport@tprf.org.

We apologize for the possible confusion and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,
The Prem Rawat Foundation