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Please confirm your email to miken@atss.akelaltd.com on 2008-04-16 19:14:10


I received the email you sent me ("73% off for miken"), but I haven't read it yet. As I receive a lot of junk/spam mail I'm only accepting emails from people whose addressesI have on file.

If this message has been sent to you it means that your address has not been recognised by 'ATSS', my email filtering software. The address given was:

To add your address to my database, allowing me to receive your original email and any future emails, please click on the following link:


You will not receive any further confirmation emails once added to my database. If you are unable to use the link provided or have any other issues with this system please contact me via an alternate method.

I apologise for any inconveniece caused, but I hope you understand the reason for this system.

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