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non ASCII characters in Documentation/books.list


Documentation/books.list を翻訳しようと思ったのですが、よく見ると

ドイツ語を適当な ASCII 文字に置き換えてやってもいいものでしょうか?

-- やまの
<ENTRY>3-932311-31-0 BSD mit Methode <em>(German language)</em>
Authors: M. Schulze, Dr. B. Rhrig, M. Hlzer et al.<br>
Publication: C&L Computer&Literatur, 1998 (ISBN 3-932311-31-0)<br>
853 pages and 2 CD-ROMs, DM 98.-/s 715,-<br>
Introduces the beginner to installation, administration and usage of
the free BSD versions, X11, LaTeX, PERL, and internet services.
With 2 CDs containing (among others) NetBSD-1.3.2, KDE 1.0 and other
software packages for Intel CPUs.
<a href="http://www.cul.de/buecher/bsd.html">More details</a>.