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ports/hp700/index.xml 1.9 -> 1.10


ports/hp700/index.xml 1.9 -> 1.10
> - note HIL keyboard and mouse support in portnewsitem
>   (XXX more news items should be there, but better than nothing)
> - PCXT based machines now also works on screen console
> - add HIL keyboard and mouse to supported devices
> - also note NCR 53c720 siop in supported devices


+    <portnewsitem date="2011-02-15" title="HIL keyboard and mouse support">
+      HIL keyboard and mouse support for old PCXT based machines has been added.
+      These are ported from OpenBSD as a part of hp300 wscons support.
+    </portnewsitem>

+    <portnewsitem date="2011-02-15" title="HIL キーボードおよびマウスサポート">
+      PCXT に基づく古い機種向けの HIL キーボードおよびマウスに対応しました。
+      これは、hp300 wscons 対応の一部として、OpenBSD から移植されたものです。
+    </portnewsitem>