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CVS commit: htdocs

Module Name:	htdocs
Committed By:	ryoon
Date:		Mon Dec 19 03:12:44 JST 2011

Modified Files:
	htdocs/ja/docs/pkgsrc/: binary.html build.html buildlink.html
	    bulk.html components.html configuring.html creating.html
	    debug.html developers-guide.html devfaq.html editing.html
	    examples.html faq.html files.html fixes.html ftp-layout.html
	    getting.html gnome.html index.html infr.design.html
	    infrastructure.html introduction.html logs.html makefile.html
	    options.html pkginstall.html pkgsrc.html pkgsrc.txt
	    platforms.html plist.html porting.html regression.html
	    submit.html tools.html users-guide.html using.html

Log Message:
Generated from XML files in htdocs/JP/Documentation/Packages/doc/guide/files
at pkgsrc/doc/guide/files.

It seems that w3m cannot handle mdash properly, and pkgsrc.txt contains
some strange ?.