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Forward: sup from sup.jp.netbsd.org


神戸 隆博(かんべ たかひろ) at home

SUP Upgrade of current-allsrc at Thu Mar 18 03:04:06 1999
SUP Fileserver 8.13 (4.3 BSD) 21553 on pigu.iri.co.jp at 03:04:06
SUP Requesting changes since Mar 16 21:42:56 1999
SUP Deleted file src/sys/arch/atari/pci/pci_vga.h
SUP Deleted file src/sys/arch/atari/pci/pci_vga.c
SUP Deleted file src/sys/arch/atari/pci/pci_tseng.c
SUP Deleted file src/sys/arch/amiga/include/ieee.h
SUP Deleted file src/etc/wscons.conf
SUP Using compressed file transfer
SUP Upgrade of current-allsrc completed at Mar 18 03:05:53 1999