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BSDCon (2002/2/11-14)

	BSDCon (2002/2/11-14)のご案内です。1/7までに登録すればdiscountが


Dear Colleague -

Join the growing BSD community in San Francisco to explore the design 
and implementation of BSD-based systems software at BSDCon.

February 11-14, 2001
Cathedral Hill Hotel, San Francisco, CA USA
Register by January 7 and SAVE!

This year's BSDCon begins with two days of professional-level TUTORIALS:

FreeBSD Kernel Internals, part one and two
Taught by Dr. Marshall Kirk McKusick, Author and Consultant

System and Network Security
Taught by Alan Clegg, Consultant

Debugging Kernel Problems
Taught by Greg Lehey, IBM Linux Technilogy Center Ozlabs

Porting BSD Applications to Mac OS X
Taught by Ernest Prabhakar, Apple Comupter, Inc.

Presented by acknowledged experts in the BSD and Open Source 
communities, these courses are designed to provide in-depth, 
immediately useful instruction in the latest techniques, effective 
tools, and best strategies.

BSDCon 2002 also features keynote presentations by John Mashey of 
Sensei Partners and Brett Halle of Apple Computer together with an 
impressive collection of refereed papers and invited talks.  Learn 
about the latest developments in Mac OS X, multiprocessor support in 
the FreeBSD kernel, and advances in networking and filesystems. We've 
also included a special session which will focus on the status of 
various BSD projects and finish up with a round-table discussion of 
future plans.

Whether you want to expand your knowledge of BSD, or just meet all 
the movers and shakers of the BSD community, BSDCon is the place to 

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco.

Sam Leffler
BSDCon Program Chair