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[pbsd-mg2] Re: Boot report

 > On my Everex A-10 + 16M upgrade, when I boot, I get the following
 > messages, but no others (should I be looking on the serial port?)
 > builtin console type = D2_M2L_3

This message comes from sys/hpcmips/dev/bicons.c.
So, the kernel has been loaded successfully.

 > This message appears in "landscape" mode rather than the normal
 > "portrait" mode.

It is same as my A-15.

 > I waited approx 1 minute, but no further messages appeared.

If it is going normaly, there are any lines displayed in a second.

Please try again with pbsdboot.mips.990404.zip
if you use pbsdboot.mips.990402.zip.

Pbsdboot.mips.990404.zip flush data cache after the kernel is
loaded but pbsdboot.mips.990402.zip dose not flush data cache.

 > I'll try the serial console when I get home and can get the machine
 > synced again...

If you have a compact flash card, copy the pbsdboot.exe and
the kernel -- netbsd into your card and rename pbsdboot.exe to
And push Voice rec button on the side to start the boot loader.
There is no need to use Windows service on the desktop.