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[pbsd-mg2] Re: Boot report


arigato gozaimasu.  takamera-san no tasuke ga kansha surimasu. [*]

In message <199905140702.QAA08785@shin1.sm.sony.co.jp>
takemura@sm.sony.co.jp writes: 
:  > This message appears in "landscape" mode rather than the normal
:  > "portrait" mode.
: It is same as my A-15.

OK.  I rather like it....

: Please try again with pbsdboot.mips.990404.zip
: if you use pbsdboot.mips.990402.zip.
: Pbsdboot.mips.990404.zip flush data cache after the kernel is
: loaded but pbsdboot.mips.990402.zip dose not flush data cache.

OK.  I will try 990404 and see if that helps.  I tried
pbsdboot.mips.990402.zip, which sounds like the cause of the problems.
I was also trying the kernel from April 25 or so, just before the 16k
page size fixes went into the CVS tree.  The A-10 differs from the
A-15 in that it has a Vr4102 rather than the Vr4111 that all "larger"
models have in the Everex A-1x series.  The Vr4102 has a smaller
primary cache than the Vr4111.

: If you have a compact flash card, copy the pbsdboot.exe and
: the kernel -- netbsd into your card and rename pbsdboot.exe to
: 'VoiceApp.exe'.
: And push Voice rec button on the side to start the boot loader.
: There is no need to use Windows service on the desktop.

Since I've learned how to do this with my FreeBSD machine, I can
create the fkash card, press the voice record button and not have to
worry about establishing a partnership with the CE tools, except to
restore my A-10 to its normal role as a PDA.  That is a cool trick!
Thank you very much for the hint.  It would have never occurred to me
to try this...


[*] Since I have just begun learning Japanese, I worry about
accidentally offending.  Here is what I'm trying to say, translated
into English: "Thank you very much, Takemura-san.  I appreciate your
help."  If I didn't say that, please feel free to correct me (and let
me know what I said instead).