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[pbsd-mg2] RE: NetBSD/hpcmips multi-user mode running

> 差出人 : Warner Losh <imp@harmony.village.org>
> 宛先 : pbsd-mg2@bronze.is.titech.ac.jp
> 件名 : [pbsd-mg2] Re: NetBSD/hpcmips multi-user mode running 
> 送信日時 : 1999年6月25日 7:05
> Takemuraさん書きました:
> : #ATA flash も ether も使えない状態です(;_;)
> どんなCF ethernetがNetBSD/hpcmipsを扶養いますか?
> どれブランドか? どれモデルか?

Suzki-san and I use NE2000 compatible PC-card ether which
are not CF ether. Because NEC MC-R series have one PCMCIA 
type II slot and one CF type I slot and CF ether is more
expensive than PCMCIA ether.

But, Socket communications' Low Power Ethernet CF(LP-E) 
supports a veriety of Palm-size/PC. And LP-E is NE2000 
compatible. I had ensured that LP-E works well on FreeBSD
2.2.8 with if_ed driver. So, I think LP-E shuld work on 
NetBSD/hpcmips if we configure pcmcia data base properly.
(Sorry, I don't try it yet.)

  Socket communications, Inc: