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[pbsd-mg2] Re: binary release infomation

In message <199907090523.OAA19143@ninja.hpc.bs1.fc.nec.co.jp> Koji
Suzuki writes:
: 	telnetd が core dump 
: 		-> 原因不明。rlogin なら OK。

telnet なら OK か?
Is telnet ok?

Does NetBSD/hpcmips work on the Vadem CLIO?

I have a Vadem CLIO at work whose telnet under WinCE is too slow to
keep up with 1 line (60-70 characters) per second of output for a
program running on the other end.  I was thinking of running
NetBSD/hpcmips on it to see if it was fast enough to keep up.  Has
anybody tried hpcmips on the CLIO?  If so, does it work?  I'd have to
run it off of a RAM disk, since the one PC CARD slot would have to be
used for the ethernet card.  From my physical inspection of the CLIO,
it would appear to have only one PC CARD and no CF card slots at all.
Hopefully, I missed something in my inspection...