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[pbsd-mg2] Re: binary release infomation



  | In message <199907090523.OAA19143@ninja.hpc.bs1.fc.nec.co.jp> Koji
  | Suzuki writes:
  | : 	telnetd が core dump 
  | : 		-> 原因不明。rlogin なら OK。
  | telnet なら OK か?
  | Is telnet ok?

Telnet is not ok.
( I try and recongnize now. )

I think something wrong at libtelnet. but cross gdb not recongnize core 

  | NetBSD/hpcmipsはVademのCLIOを削りますか?
  | Does NetBSD/hpcmips work on the Vadem CLIO?
  | この英語は私が日本語を書けません。申し訳ございません。
  | I have a Vadem CLIO at work whose telnet under WinCE is too slow to
  | keep up with 1 line (60-70 characters) per second of output for a
  | program running on the other end.  I was thinking of running
  | NetBSD/hpcmips on it to see if it was fast enough to keep up.  Has
  | anybody tried hpcmips on the CLIO?  If so, does it work?  I'd have to
  | run it off of a RAM disk, since the one PC CARD slot would have to be
  | used for the ethernet card.  From my physical inspection of the CLIO,
  | it would appear to have only one PC CARD and no CF card slots at all.
  | Hopefully, I missed something in my inspection...

I am running NetBSD diskless environment.
TCP/IP speed is not slow.

ftp> get kernel aaa
local: aaa remote: kernel
227 Entering Passive Mode (133,203,2,242,156,141)
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for 'kernel' (1317499 bytes).
226 Transfer complete.
1317499 bytes received in 00:06 (192.50 KB/s)

but ...
the NetBSD/hpcmips kernel panic often at the time using network. 
In the case mbuf or other kernel buffers is broken.

I think cache or ??? problem at using network interface.
If checksum errors are occured , it may be cased by same reason.
Try to restore mips/mips/trap.c change.

# netstat -in
Name  Mtu   Network      Address           Ipkts Ierrs    Opkts Oerrs  Coll
ne0   1500  <Link>       00:00:f4:5b:1b:c6 15921     0     2986     0    11
ne0   1500  133.203.2/24      15921     0     2986     0    11
lo0*  32976 <Link>                            24     0       24     0     0
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