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[pbsd-mg2] RE: merge into current

> 差出人 : Warner Losh <imp@village.org>
> 宛先 : pbsd-mg2@bronze.is.titech.ac.jp
> 件名 : [pbsd-mg2] Re: merge into current 
> 送信日時 : 1999年8月16日 16:17
> In message <199908160432.NAA15174@shin1.sm.sony.co.jp>
takemura@sm.sony.co.jp writes:
> :  > (あと、Warner さんはどうでしょう?)

> P.S.  I read the above as "Later, Warner-san conducting?" which I take 
> to mean "And maybe later add Warner."  

"あと" dose not mean 'later'. It means 'additionally' but it is not
important. So this sentence means "Do you wish for the account, Mr Warner

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