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[pbsd-mg2] Re: cache problem again


In message <19990824010255Y.uch@nop.or.jp> UCHIYAMA Yasushi writes:
: cc -specs=hpcmips.specs

This solved my problem.  I was able to build the kernel with ipfilter.
However, I still got the same hang that I did before.  This is with
both the three HPCMIPS_* options enabled, and with them disabled.  It
is with the "load debug symbols" box checked and without it.  I have
verified that new, fresh kernels were built with the proper gcc specs
file in clean directories to eliminate the possibility that something
odd is going on with stale .o files.  This is with the very latest
files that I could download via anoncvs.

I was unable to break into the debugger at any time by sending the
BREAK sequence, either before the attempted mounting of the root ffs
or after.

I have also verified that the files on my CF card match those in the
0705 mini file from suzuki-san's web site.