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Forward: Re: MobilePro800 appears to be discontinued!?


International Money Orderかなんか送ってもらって、

> In Japan, MobileGear II MC-R700(MobilePro 800 equivalent) is superseded
> by new model, MC/R730. I recommend MC/R730, because it has faster CPU
> (131MHz -> 168MHz).

ooh neat. Looking at the Ports/hpcmips table I don't see "Y Y Y" for this
model however. Has anyone tested it yet?

The NEC web page lists two models, 730 and 730F ... does the "F" model add
the fingerprint hardware?

> Power adaptor for R730(and R700) supports 100~240V, so it should have no
> problem in USA.

nice. Is there any way I can order this from Japan or do I have to have
someone in Japan buy one for me?

Todd Whitesel
toddpw @ best.com