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Re: Forward: Re: MobilePro800 appears to be discontinued!?

aoshimak> Products by the following manufacturers can not be shipped outside 
aoshimak> the United States:

aoshimak> Adobe(US & Canada), Apple, AST, Borland(US & Canada), Corel, CTX,
aoshimak> Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, IBM, Macromedia, Microsoft, Microtek,
aoshimak> Motorola, NEC,Packard Bell, Power Computing, Quark, Radius, Symantec,
aoshimak> Toshiba, and Umax 

aoshimak> だそうです。ううむ残念。

たいした情報ではないですが、友人が昨年 z50 を "can not be shipped outside 
the united states" 的なサイトからだめもとで注文したら、ちゃんと届きました。