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Reply from your email to Future World


	Thank you for writing. As you may have noticed in your 
own email in-box, there has been an enormous increase in spam 
in the last few months. For us, the volume of spam has risen to 
several thousand messages each day. As a result, it has been 
necessary to retire many of our 14-year old email addresses, 


and replace them with a new one. 

	So, instead of using the old mailboxes such as "future" at 
future-world.com, or "info" at future-world.com, 
if you would please resend your e-mail message 
to the new "fw1" mailbox at future-world.com, our staff will be 
glad to read your message and send a personal response to you as 
quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding. 


The Future World Staff