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IDE drive support


-currentでIDE driveが使用可能になりました。使ってみてください。

Log Message:
Add IDE drive support.

   (1) Character device major number chages to 49 from 48(in my original
       code). So it is necessary to rebuild device files.
   (2) Must use Booter 2.0.0a10 or later.
   (3) Default mode is cpu busy wait. It is defined by flags 0x1000.
       It will be more slow than before.
       No flags means hardware interrupt mode. But it might be able to
       get no interrupts.

Support machines:
   (1) Quadra 630 series
   (2) PowerBook 150

Non tested machine:
   (1) PowerBook 190 series

Approved by: briggs

柴垣 威