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I am looking for YOU if you are....
... looking for a finish line? 
... looking for stability? 
... looking for consistancy? 
... looking for true residual that will be there 10 years or for life down the 
Tired of wondering if a website will be there when you wake up in the morning?
Ready to let go of the Internet programs and join a real company?
If you are ready for a New Year full of promise that will take you into the future, 
I would like to share with you this opportunity for life! 
There's a thousand of dollar ($) on the table waiting for you in bonuses 
and a residual that will pave your way into retirement.  Truly.  
Just give me a chance to present this fantastic opportunity, then...
Email your Full Name & Country and Alternate email (if available)
I will send your activation link for your detailed info.

To our Success,


Tomorrow's Success is Decided Today! 

************************SPAM DISCLAIMER***********************
You are receiving this e-mail from me because you are either a 
friend or an associate; recently requested information ; or we have 
been in opportunities previously or have at least shared information 
regarding such opportunities. However, if you would no longer like 
to receive e-mail from me, please send a Reply with the word REMOVE 
in the Subject line and I will immediately delete your e-mail address 
from my personal address book. Thank you and my apologies for any inconvenience 
this e-mail may have caused. :-(