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Re: Moving japanese category to localised


> I have a couple of issues: I don't like the "dict" category - for all
> the other dictionary-supporting packages for non-US English, such as
> ispell-*, we put the supplementary dictionaries in the same category
> as the main package, and I think that works well. Also, I don't


> particularly like placing search engines in the "database" category.
> For me, a database is something specific - usually a relational database,
> or access mechanism for the same - and not as generic as some people
> like to view it. I think the best places for namazu and friends is 
> something like textproc.

Agreed too.  Glimpse is already in textproc.

It seems to me that database category is for packages providing more
fundamental functions which are not specific to a certain purpose,
like text search.