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Clarifications regarding Installation of Freetype Library


   I have a problem of installating freetype library (freetype-1.3.1) on my 

I am using Hard Hat Linux(PowerPC).

The installation is working fine with RedHatLinux-7.1.

But I need to use a different compiler(Hard Hat Linux compiler->ppc_405-
gcc). What i tried is:
./configure --host=powerpc 
As a result of which some Makefiles were generated. I made changes for 
compiler manually. i.e, replaced CC=gcc with my compiler. Though it is not 
giving me any errors, libttf.so is not getting formed. Only files libttf.a 
and libttf.la are getting formed newly.

I am working on Microwindows which has a configuration file in which i need 
to give path of libttf.so, path of freetype directory which is a result of 
installation and path of my *.ttf(eg. tamklnr.ttf). Because of this, my 
system is not recognizing the tamil fonts(tamklnr.ttf).It is displaying 
junk characters for me.

Please do mail me how do i go about the installation of freetype-1.3.1
(freetype-1.3.1 only,becoz microwindows does not support any other version) 
on Hard Hat Linux(POWERPC).

Expecting a reply from you.


Embedded Software Group
BPL Telecom Limited