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NetBSD 5.0 のあたりが違っているほかは、
10 周年の (htdocs/JP/Documentation/misc/10thAnniversary.txt)



--- 15th-birthday.txt.orig	2008-03-23 20:55:10.000000000 +0900
+++ 15th-birthday.txt	2008-03-23 21:31:02.000000000 +0900
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 Message-ID: <20080320065754.GQ3580@nef.pbox.org>
-The NetBSD Project celebrates its 15th anniversary!
-The Internet, March 20 -- This week marks the fifteenth anniversary of
-the beginning of development of the NetBSD Operating System, one of
-the oldest actively maintained, freely-available operating systems. 
-NetBSD runs on everything from embedded systems to desktop
-workstations, from handhelds to big-iron servers, and is developed by
-the NetBSD Project - http://www.NetBSD.org/ - one of the first Open
-Source projects.
+インターネット、3月21日 -- 今週、NetBSDオペレーティングシステムは、開
-The first commits were made to the NetBSD source code repository on
-March 21, 1993, and the first release of the NetBSD Operating System,
-NetBSD 0.8, was announced on USENET shortly thereafter.  Throughout
-the past fifteen years, NetBSD has increased the portability and security
-of the 4.4BSD operating system on which NetBSD was based, and added
-support for new processor and system families, while enhancing the
-system's performance to such an extent that NetBSD has become known as
-the most portable operating system in the world. Innovations in the
-storage, networking and virtualization arena have been added, and much
-work has been done recently on performance, especially with multi-core
-and multi-threaded machines in mind.
+初のリリース、NetBSD 0.8がUSENETにアナウンスされました。その後、15 年
-NetBSD 4.0, the latest release, includes support for most major
-current processor architectures, including x86, x86_64, SPARC,
-ARM, M68K, MIPS, PowerPC, and SH, as well as several legacy processor
-architectures.  It supports 13 different system architectures.
+最新のリリースであるNetBSD 4.0は、いくつかのレガシープロセッサーアーキ
+チャー、x86, x86_64, SPARC,
+ARM, M68K, MIPS, PowerPC, SH に対応しています。
-The next major release, NetBSD 5.0, will continue the tradition of the
-last fifteen years by providing additional features and hardware
-support while maintaining the stability and performance that users
-have come to expect from NetBSD.  NetBSD 5.0 will include a rewritten
-threading implementation based on a 1:1 threading model, support for
-different scheduler implementations, and support for dom0 ("host") and
-domU ("guest") domains for both Xen2 and Xen3 virtualization, as well
-as PAE domU support, a new power management framework, iSCSI target
-and initiator support, and file system improvements.  It will support
-over fifty platforms, including support for symmetric
-multiprocessing (SMP) on x86, Alpha, and SPARC systems, on
-PowerPC-based Macintoshes, and even on VAXen.
+次のメジャーリリース、NetBSD 5.0においても、ユーザーがNetBSDに期待して
+5.0 には、1:1 スレッディングモデルにもとづき書き直されたスレッド実装、
+Xen2 および Xen3 の両仮想マシンの dom0 (「ホスト」) および
+domU (「ゲスト」) ドメインへの対応や PAE domU 対応、
+新しい電源管理の枠組み、iSCSI ターゲットおよびイニシエーターへの対応、
+50 を超えるプラットフォームに対応し、
+x86, Alpha, SPARC システム、PowerPC にもとづく Macintosh、そして VAX
-The NetBSD project and its developers are proud of its operating
-system, and would like to share its development plans.  A number of
-roadmaps for future development covering storage, networking,
-virtualization and the system itself have been developed, and can be
-found in:
+NetBSD プロジェクトおよびその開発者たちは、
-Code from NetBSD has been included in countless other projects, Open
-Source and otherwise.  It has been used in research and education as
-well as in commercial products.  Literally thousands of third-party
-applications have been made available for use under NetBSD through the
-use of ``pkgsrc,'' the NetBSD Packages Collection.  Keeping with
-NetBSD's goal of portability, pkgsrc also supports numerous other
-operating systems, thereby allowing consistent installation and
-management of third-party software across multiple platforms.
+「pkgsrc」、NetBSD パッケージコレクションを使うことにより、NetBSD上で
+NetBSDのゴールである移植性のおかげで、pkgsrc は多数の他のオペレー
-Birthday celebrations will be listed on 
-so if you plan to hold a NetBSD birthday party and would like to list
-its details on that site, please send an email to www@NetBSD.org
-All pictures, party reports and other feedback would be gratefully
+したい場合は、www@NetBSD.org にメールしてください。
-For more information on the NetBSD project, please visit the NetBSD
-Project home page at http://www.NetBSD.org/ or contact www@NetBSD.org.
-In addition, selected links to more information are provided below.
+http://www.NetBSD.org/ にあるNetBSDプロジェクトのホームページを訪れる
-NetBSD Project home page:
+NetBSD プロジェクトホームページ:
-The NetBSD 4.0 release:
+NetBSD 4.0 リリース:
-pkgsrc, the NetBSD Packages Collection:
+pkgsrc、NetBSD パッケージコレクション:
-Platforms supported by NetBSD:
-Products and projects using NetBSD:
-The first commit, and the NetBSD 0.8 release announcement:
+最初のコミット、そしてNetBSD 0.8 リリースアナウンスメント:
-NetBSD release history and the BSD family tree:
+NetBSD リリースの歴史と BSDファミリーツリー:
-``NetBSD'' and ``pkgsrc'' are trademarks of The NetBSD Foundation,
-Inc.  All other trademarks referred to herein are the property of
-their respective owners.
+「NetBSD」と「pkgsrc」は、NetBSD Foundation, Inc の登録商標です。この