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Re: What kernel for NetBSD on a PowerBook Firewire?

>                                            千葉市中央区長洲
>                                                    藤原  誠
| OK. IT works. I just chmod the netbsd kernel-file to have -rwxr-xr-x.
| After installing it had -r-xr-xr-x.

| Actually i don't know if this could cause the problem, but now it 
| perfectly boots (tried many times).


Hi Matteo,
We had some discussion in our local language.

I have two people running NetBSD on the same machine you have.
They refer the machine as Pismo, anyway,

(1) One guy said he had no problem on any 1.5 version with adb patch.
(2) Other guy may have had some problems but he is not sure the
problem is with adb-patch alone or his private modification.

The other information related not to able input(type) after
any prompt, is that
if you touch any keys between the time kernel is read and
the time before adb probe is done (see kernel boot message and watch
the line starting adb0 .... ).

One of those guys may provide some newer kernel with ADB patch.

But I believe 1.5K stuff from myself should work with some condition
on your machine.

Be carefull how to boot (from the OF console), not being asked
and not touch the keyboard between above time period.

What is your exact string of keyinput for the real booting ?
( Real booting means after installation and not installation time.)
(Makoto Fujiwara)