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Re: update for wip/libdv

Thank you.

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> I see that tech-pkg-ja@ is the maintainer for pkgsrc-wip's libdv.
> It would not build for me due to some extern __inline__ problem with
> dv_peek_vlc. I found a solution from FreeBSD ports: an -O optimization
> must be done. (NetBSD defaults to -O2 which is fine.)

I understood the contents of a patch.
Please commit. 

However, it may be better to be careful of some points.
1. "-O2" is the system bug of environmental dependence on NetBSD. 
2. Since "-O2" is optimization of speed, 
  when sacrificing speed, it is not necessary to use assembler.
  (When "--disable-asm" is a default, "-O2" bug does not exist.)
3. Under some environments, the compile which used "-O2" is possible. 
4. libiconv of native may be sufficient, 
  although libiconv of GNU (pkgsrc) is used.